New Calendar widget (BETA) now available

New Calendar widget (BETA) now available

Today, we released a new Calendar widget. The new version comes with several bug fixes and new features.

Release notes:

        • Improved support for multiple calendars
        • Google Calendar events are now visible in your calendar, even when you are not logged in to your Google account
        • ICAL-calendars (.ics) are now supported
        • Calendar events will be now updated faster

In the near future we will also support the integration of Microsoft and Yahoo calendars in this calendar widget.


To add the new Calendar widget to your page, follow the next steps:

    1. Click the “+Widget” link in the top of your page
    2. Select “Calendar” from the widget menu and add it to your page
    3. Now select the calendar provider (“Google Calendar” or “ICAL calendar”) that you want to add

    1. Depending on #3, authorize your Google account or add an ICAL-URL.
    2. Your calendar should now start to show the events from the calendar provider
    3. You can use the “Edit” link in the calendar widget menu to select/deselect the calendars that you want to display.

Note: currently, we only support iCal and Google Calendars. If you’d like to add other calendars, please let us know by emailing our support team (

Status Update July 29, 2021

This article is no longer accurate. That’s why we labeled it Old news. Please check the Help Centre for the latest information.

12 Replies to “New Calendar widget (BETA) now available”

  1. Good morning, following up on Luc Nanga’s question. I too, would like to link it to my office exchange outlook

    1. Currently that would mean you would have to get a hold of the iCal feed for this calendar. As I don’t use Office Exchange Outlook myself, I don’t really know if such a feed would be available. Perhaps there is a systems administrator you could ask?

  2. Hello, To whom it may concern….. Is there a way I can get the 24 hour clock off my calendar and use 12 hour clock instead…. It would make it a lot easier to read the schedule with normal time instead of army time….. Hope that’s understanding what I am requesting to do…..

    Thanks !!!

  3. Do you intend to have an option for 12 hour time instead of 24 hour? I would love that.

    And perhaps a bug? On my calendar, it shows all day entries on the day before. So a Monday all day entry will show on Sunday. Perhaps because of time zone differences (just a guess)?

  4. How do I add my iCal? It is asking for a url.

    If I try to add as an extension, it says ‘coming soon.’

    1. We indeed removed the option to trim long titles in article summaries. Unfortunately, this introduced a bug, that we later resolved. You should now find titles are trimmed again.

      1. I actually find *not* trimming titles useful in some use cases. Is trimming optional?

        I combed through the Preferences/Settings pages but didn’t see an option to turn it on/off.

        1. Trimming the titles of headlines in the summary view of RSS widgets is no longer optional / available.

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