We’ve improved icons on start.me

In the previous weeks we’ve done some work in the background to improve the bookmark icons on start.me.

The main improvements are:

  • Icons are now loaded faster. On average we’ve been able to reduce the loading times for all icons on a page by almost 185ms. We’re continuing to focus on improving the overall loading speed of start.me and this is another step in the right direction.
  • (more…)

You can now find pages shared by other users

As of today you can find user contributed pages on start.me about topics of interest, for instance News, Entertainment and Sports. You can use these pages as a source of inspiration for your own page, or simply “Favorite” them so you can easily access these pages through your Pages menu.

Currently we have over 200 localized pages available, spanning 33 countries. More pages are added on a daily basis. Do you miss a particular page or subject? Let us know and we’ll try to make it available as soon as possible.

Our very own Todo widget

Our Google Tasks widget is quite popular among our users.  Yet, many users asked for a Todo widget that does not require a Google account. Today we’ve made it available:

The new Todo widget has several improvements over the Google Tasks widget. The to-do items can be edited just by clicking them. They can be reordered, simply by dragging and dropping them in the order you want. The items are stored in our own database, so there it is fast and secure; the widget will feel a lot ‘snappier’. Finally, the check boxes to mark an item as completed as slightly larger, making it easier to check off items.

Browser Iron integrates start.me as default start page

We have some exciting news to share… This week start.me has become the default start page in Iron browser. Iron is based on the open-source Chromium browser project and has seen over 1,000,000 installs since 2008.

Users of the Iron browser will now be able to take full advantage of start.me ‘s modern and advanced start page features.

Speed improvements, upgrades and more behind the scenes stuff

It has been quite a while since you last heard from us. But we have been very busy, we can assure you. It’s just that most of the work we have been doing is quite invisible. Chances are, however, you noticed that start.me is a lot faster. Oh, and you may have ran into some annoying errors recently. Sorry about that. So what have we been doing?

Lifelong start.me Premium winners

Just before Christmas we launched a Premium account giveway to celebrate the holidays. Everyone who would invite another user had a chance to win Premium for life. Today, out of the hundreds of participants we drew the names of the 10 inviters and the 10 users they invited. We would like to congratulate the following 20 new Premium members and welcome them into the Premium family:

Background colors, icons and new RSS widget setting

Last tuesday we already posted about some new widget customization options we added. Today we released some more improvements. They are not as big as earlier this week, but still worth mentioning. And of course we like you to know we are continuously working to improve start.me. Not all improvements are always visible, so the ones that are, we like to brag about a little every once in a while…