Want to know how we improved start.me lately?

Want to know how we improved start.me lately?

Every week, our development team works hard to improve our service. This time around, we’ve improved start.me with faster loading times. Yes, again! We also upgraded our bookmarklet. And that’s not all by a long shot. So, if you’re curious to know everything about your favorite bookmark manager, do read on.

Improved start.me speed

When we ask our users for feedback, the issue of speed is often mentioned. People want to see their bookmarks and pages instantly, if possible. So shaving microseconds off our loading times has always been a concern. When you check our blog, you’ll see we’ve announced this more than once. And recently, we were at it again.

Depending on your location, you’ll see an improvement of 11% – 34%.

Have you noticed this?

And this time, we’ve also added some new animations. Our improved loading bar at the top of your page should improve your perception of loading times too.

Upgraded bookmarklet

Now you can search in the bookmarklet
Now you can search in the bookmarklet

We not only made our app faster. We did the same with our bookmarklet. It’s just a bit faster.

But there’s more: we also updated the styling and added one new feature. Now, when you add a bookmark, you can search for the widget. You start typing, and the list of matching widgets will appear.

Learn all about the advantages of our bookmarklet, in our support section.

New Copy and Move Dialogs

It’s always been possible to move and copy your widgets on your page. You do this by a simple drag and drop.

When moving widgets to another existing page, you open the context menu (three dots in the top right corner of your widget) and select Move or Copy.

Now you see a new dialog bar, where you can select the destination page, column, and the position in that column.

New Edge Extension

As you might have known, Microsoft Edge has abandoned its plan to build a new browser from scratch. Instead, they decided to build upon the robust Chromium platform.

This is good news for us, as it makes our Extension available for Edge users!

Why should you install the Extension? With it, you can import bookmarks from your browser, set your homepage and new tab pages, save bookmarks, RSS feeds, and more.

So, if you’re an Edge user, you can download it from the Edge Addon Store.

What’s next?

In the future, we will keep on improving start.me. Think bug fixes, making sure our app works smoothly on all platforms and with all screen sizes; business as usual.

We’re also working on adding new features, like a Duplicate Link Checker, and More Page Templates to get you started. And of course, we’ll keep on improving the loading speed.

The most important improvement we’ve developed is the number one requested feature in our poll: Enable subfolders in bookmark widgets.

We had to close the poll, but you can still leave a comment to give us your feedback. Thanks in advance!

Status Update July 29, 2021

This article is no longer accurate. That’s why we labeled it Old news. Please check the start.me Help Centre for the latest information.

14 Replies to “Want to know how we improved start.me lately?”

  1. ” Opera does not permit changing the default New Tab Page setting, as of yet. There is no workaround, even with the start.me Chrome extension.

    There is, however, a third-party extension you could use. Download and install it here:”

    it would be great if you can find away to automate it. adding another extension / add on will slow down the browser and just stuff the toolbar. having said all that, i think your the best around and hope to upgrade.

    1. Thanks a lot for your compliments and suggestion! I’ll pass your request for a way to automate the New Tab setting in Opera on to the Development Team. I understand that an added, third party extension can be a problem. Again, thanks for your support!

  2. Awesome to see these improvements!

    Where can i request new features? I would like to request a duplicate bookmarks find and delete, is this possible?

    1. You’re very welcome, Riyaz! The duplicate bookmarks feature you’re requesting is already on the list of new features, so stay tuned! And for the future, it’s best to send your feature requests to our support team (support@start.me), as they keep a clear overview of all communications with our users. Also, many thanks for helping us improve our service. Cheers!

  3. Good work, but please add the option for lock the search bar, otherwise on Android in a small screen take too much space when scrolling the page on widget.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Happysurf! I’m not sure what you mean with ‘lock the search bar’, but with a PRO subscription, you can choose not to display it at all. Would that solve your problem? If not, please contact our support team with a screenshot of your issue, as well as a clear description of the problem. support@start.me We’re happy to help you out!

    1. Thanks for your compliments, Myron! Yes, you can use the todo list widget. Another option is to add a description to each bookmark. Just right-click the favorite, and select ‘Edit.’ To display the description, you open the settings pane of your bookmarks widget and select the Advanced tab. You can find more information in our support section: Bookmarks widget. I hope this helps too!

  4. You guys are doing great! The site just gets better and better.

    Question: Is there a way to put labels or a line of text inside of a bookmarks widget? Sometimes inside of one of my bookmarks widgets I would like to add a line here and there that is not a link to anything but is a quick reminder for me. Example : I have a bookmark widget named my focus. I put the things that I want to hit everyday in it. These being websites. But I would like to be able to either use it as a reminder for some non-link thing or use it as a subdivision to separate my links into categories. I realize I could just add another different kind of widget, but I thought there maybe a way to do this already and I just don’t know about it.

  5. The new Edge removed the ability to add an article to a reading list. Now I have a reading list widget in Start.me that works great.

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