Rediscover our selection of Top Websites today

Rediscover our selection of Top Websites today

You might have noticed that we’ve updated our Discover section. It’s our selection of top websites around the world. We also improved the search box and made it easier to navigate. Want to know more? Read on!

Top websites from everywhere

Top Websites for all our users to visit
Top Websites for all our users to visit

Our Discover section is essentially nothing more than a curated database of websites.

  • Every website is manually added by at least one of our users.
  • In total, we indexed over 70,000 websites.
  • All sites are categorized into 12 categories.
  • We further classified the sites into 292 subcategories.
  • Localized content available for 47 countries.

We also added our proprietary algorithm to rank all sites. Our calculations are based on the actual use of websites by our users, combined with data from external monitoring systems.

Why visit our Discover section?

Bookmark Top Websites easier than ever
Bookmark Top Websites easier than ever

This is why we think you should check it out:

  • Discover new sites, both local and international, to inspire you with your hobby, business or side hustle.
  • Add your discoveries quickly to your startpage.
  • Save time researching your competitors or customers by visiting our ‘Site detail’ section. This is where you quickly get information about social media channels, Wikipedia articles, and similar sites.

Better search options

All of this should feel familiar to experienced users. On our blog, we’ve often pointed to this great way to get inspired.

Still, there’s something new here. We’ve made it possible to use the Search bar not just to search Google or your own bookmarks, but also our database. Once you find something interesting you’ll go to the Site detail page first, where you can inform yourself, click through to the site, or add it directly to your pages.

So that’s it, available for every one of our users, free, PRO or team. We hope you like it!

Why don’t you visit our Top websites today?

6 Replies to “Rediscover our selection of Top Websites today”

  1. The problem of not opening sites has been solved. I have done an iPadOS recovery and everything is working fine now. My previous report is no longer an issue.

  2. Since yesterday (13 December) my sites no longer open on my iPad. If I disable the “Open links in new window” option, the sites will open again, but in the same screen. Is there a problem somewhere?

  3. Hand-picked sites is a very good thing!
    Can we hope to have the option to click “ignore” and even “thumbs up or down” on those recommendations?
    Everybody knows, Facebook, Google by heart, or should know by now.

    1. Hi Daniel, thanks for your support. Yes, we’re actually looking into adding a system to rate the sites and make the entire list more social, so stay tuned.

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