Introducing our new Android app, to help you bookmark faster

Introducing our new Android app, to help you bookmark faster

As we’ve quietly launched our new Android app, we felt it time to explain it’s main features and advantages. We hope you’ll try it out yourself. And in case you’re wondering about the iPhone app, we’ll soon announce an update of this app too. But, let’s start with Android first.

Android app look and feel

Our Android app in Dark Mode
Our Android app in Dark Mode

First of all, we’ve learned from an earlier mobile version of our site, so we decided to keep the look and feel of the new app identical to our desktop version. Even in Dark mode. This way, your information is readily available at any time and place, on mobile phone or tablet.

So you’ll find the well-known header with a search bar, pages button, and your icon to take you to the Me menu.

To keep your header from feeling cluttered, we had to drop some buttons. So we’ve lost the share button and the add content button. If you want to share the page, you can find this option by clicking the page name and selecting the editing option of your page. To add content, you can scroll down to the bottom of your list of widgets, and click the big plus.

We’ve also decided to display the headers of your widgets in one scrollable column. You can expand and collapse them by tapping them.

To us, these choices feel natural, and we hope you agree.

Add bookmarks faster

Add bookmarks faster
Add bookmarks faster

The main advantage of the Android app to the mobile version of is that you can add bookmarks on-the-fly. Now you don’t have to copy and paste the address to the bookmarks widget you prefer. You can simply hit the share button of any page. will appear among the options.

When you select it, you’ll see a menu where you can enter the name and destination of your bookmark.

If you want to learn more about sharing in Android, there’s this article by Gadget Hacks.

Other advantages

Other advantages to our Android app
Other advantages to our Android app

We fixed a bug that made it impossible to log in with your Google account. You can also use other social media accounts to log in, like Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter or Yahoo.

And did we mention that it’s free for all users? So just go ahead to the Android store and start downloading today.


7 Replies to “Introducing our new Android app, to help you bookmark faster”

  1. Great Android app, thank you very much! But today i saw an issue: When i use the search box i can´t open the search results!?

    1. Great you like the app, Dirmel! With regard to the search box issue, could you please contact our support team with more information? We’d love to learn more about the device you’re using. Also, if you could add a screenshot with a clear description of the steps leading up to the problem, we will find a solution much sooner. You can send an email to Thanks in advance!

  2. Finally I can have my 16 personal pages on my android telephone.
    This is a very great news for me, the app seems fast and well done.
    Just small problems:
    – The widget order from PC to mobile sometimes is not respect,
    – Is not possible have the dark mode only on android because the setting is for both versions;
    – The widgets article description is cutted.

    All the best.

    1. We’re glad you like it! Concerning your feedback: yes, we had to sort the widgets differently in your mobile version. The desktop version with the many columns didn’t translate easily to the small screen. I hope this doesn’t bother you too much. The dark mode setting is respected both on mobile and on desktop since the two are virtually the same. We didn’t quite understand your final remark. Could you please explain? Thanks again for your support!

        1. Thanks for the screenshot, happysurf! I’ve sent it to the DevTeam, so they can improve the app. I’m not sure when you’ll see the result, but it’s in the cue. Again, thanks for your support!

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