We just updated our Google Chrome & Firefox extension

We just updated our Google Chrome & Firefox extension

Our Google Chrome & Firefox Extension had always been a part of the start.me experience. Still, we felt the need to improve this extension, so we added a search option. We also made it simpler to use. This is what you need to know.

Most important changes

These changes apply to our extension for both Chrome and Firefox:

  • New ‘Save in‘ heading in the dialogue. Now you decide the destination widget more easily.
  • New Search option. If you have many different widgets, you can start typing, to see the matching widgets appear immediately. You can’t search for teams or pages.
  • Better styling: now there’s a clear difference between the team, the pages, and the individual widgets. Widgets are ordered alphabetically (A-Z).
  • Direct access to Team names, as they were not accessible before.

Overall, we’ve tried to simplify the user experience, to eliminate redundant or confusing features. That’s why we’ve added two less frequently used functions to a new button called Change Description & URL. This button, you’ve guessed it, gives you the chance to change de URL you’re about to save or add a description (or tag) to your bookmark.

This final feature is very useful in combination with our search bar.

We’ve also filtered the Archived pages from the pages list, so you won’t be bothered with obsolete widgets and pages.

There were several other minor bugs, we won’t bother you with, as they were small, to begin with.

How to get the Google Chrome extension

For Google users it is easy: your extension should update automatically. If you want to make sure you’re using the latest version, right-click the extension icon, and select Options.

The first thing you see is a new dialogue window, with several options. You can click this away for now (click the cross on the right-hand corner), and locate the version number in the New Tab Page by start.me options page. This should say 2.2.12.

If the extension didn’t update automatically, you could type chrome://extensions into the address field. Now you see all the extension you’ve installed. You’ll also see the button Update. You can click this to update all your extensions at once.

If you don’t see the button, you might have to toggle the Developer mode (right-hand corner) on.

Google Chrome users can go directly to the Chrome Web Store.

How to get the Firefox extension

The Firefox extension also updates automatically. You should check it, to make sure it does.

To do this, you right-click the icon and select the first option: Manage extension.

Scroll down to see the version number, or to make sure we can update your extension automatically.

Status Update July 29, 2021

This article is no longer accurate. Please check the start.me Help Centre for the latest information.

7 Replies to “We just updated our Google Chrome & Firefox extension”

  1. Great work guys, but still is present an old bug.
    The RSS are correctly intercepted but sometime in some pages, the badge with number is not show..
    In this this page https://marapcana.surf/ there are two RSS but the badge appears only for a moment.

  2. I have two small (but irritating) problems with this extension. The first one is older. A single click on the extension icon gives me a quick-disappearing window with the title: Sign in to start.me (while already being signed-in). After it vanishes, nothing else appears. I need to double click (and in very rapid succession) the icon in order to obtain the Add to start.me page. It usually requires several attempts. Annoying and time-consuming.
    The second problem is a more recent acquisition. The Save in drop-down menu space is way, way too short. I can only see three rows at a time, and it’s a pain to try navigate the tree of links trying to find the right spot for the new link.

    1. Hi Ona, we’re sorry to hear about your problems with our extension. As it’s not immediately clear why you have these problems, we’d like you to send us a bit more information about the system you’re using, the software as well as the hardware. Have you updated the extension to the latest version? This might also fix some bugs. You can send this information to our support team: we’re looking forward to getting to the bottom of this. start.me should work intuitively, and flawlessly!
      Kind regards, Stefan

      1. Thank you kindly for your reply. The extension is updated, and I’ve already contacted the support team, maybe we can find a solution.
        Other than that, I really, I mean really, like start.me. I strongly encourage everyone to at least take a look at it, if not becoming a pro user, like me. 🙂
        All the best,

      2. Hi Stefan

        I have the same problem. Chrome and the extension are up to date. After I clicked on the icon for the extensions, the login window appears briefly. After that the whole browser window is slightly grayed out and nothing happens anymore.
        On the same system (windows 10) the extension works in Firefox.

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