Now available for all iPhone or iPad users: our latest iOS app!

Now available for all iPhone or iPad users: our latest iOS app!

Yes, it’s been a while since we promised you a brand new app for iPhone and iPad. Today, we proudly present this long overdue update. Now you can save and access your bookmarks even faster.

Here’s what you’ll want to learn first.

All the familiars

Once you’re logged in, the first thing you’ll notice, is how familiar everything feels. Let’s start with the familiar buttons in the header:

  • Your page name, which also gives access to all your other pages.
  • A search button, to search within your collection of bookmarks and bookmark descriptions.
  • Your personal icon, to access your account settings.

You’ll also see a list of all your widgets in the color and with the icon you’ve chosen. They are collapsed, but when you tap it, they will open and reveal their content. We felt this was the best way to give you both a sense of the whole of your pages, and a chance to dive deep into your pages.

And of course, we wanted everything to integrate seamlessly.

Unique features for the App

You know that you can visit and manage your pages from any web browser and from any device. The app will give you three distinct advantages though:

  1. A home button. Now you can click and read your pages from within your page and return to your other bookmarks with one single tap.
  2. A safari button. If you want to visit the page on Safari, for example, if you want to print it, you click the icon below your page. There are also options to go back or ahead in your reading history.
  3. Add to This option only appears when you’re surfing the web. After installing the app, you can tap the share icon and you’ll see a new window.
    New bookmarklet options
  4. Here, you can search for the destination page and bookmark widget you prefer. You can even choose a Bookmarks group.
    We also think the design is a bit better, but that’s a matter of taste!

Finally, we also fixed some bugs. So now you can log in with Google again. Also, when you bookmark a page, the title is retrieved and save immediately.

Log in with your iPhone or iPad

iPhone and iPad app login
iPhone and iPad app login

When you want to log in, you’ll notice the new black Sign in with Apple button. With this login method, you can keep your personal email address private for us, while still being able to log in and use all the advantages of your account.

Of course, we haven’t dropped support from other fast and popular login methods, like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, or Yahoo. And if you prefer not to use any of these methods, you can also enter your email address.

The app will remember your credentials, so you won’t have to repeat this process.

If you don’t have an account yet, you can always click Sign up to get started. It will take you in under one minute to your new personal dashboard.

What do you think?

So, that’s it: a brand-new app for you to try out. If you like it, please rate it in the App Store, and leave an honest 5-star review. We’d love for the word to get out there.

Here you can get it:


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