Easier bookmark adding and discovery

Easier bookmark adding and discovery

For most users, the main purpose of start.me is to store bookmarks. That’s why we find it important to make adding and managing bookmarks as easy as possible. We already offer a browser extension to add bookmarks directly from your browser. Today’s update enhances bookmark adding from within start.me and helps you discover interesting new sites.

The bookmark-adder


You have probably used the big green button (BGB) in start.me’s header bar. It is the quickest way to add a bookmark. Until today, this only allowed you to add multiple URLs at once. Even though that is often quite handy, this approach would not let you enter a custom title or description.

That’s why we added a ‘Single URL’ mode, that allows you to add a new bookmark, directly specifying its title and description. Adding multiple bookmarks at once is still possible. We added a button that allows you to switch between single and multiple URL modes.

It’s so simple, you may wonder what took us so long to invent it. Well, there is a good reason for that, actually…

Browsing suggested sites

On the above screenshot you may have noticed the second tab in the Bookmark adder: “Suggestions”. This new tab houses a really exciting new feature that allows you to quickly add well known sites and… discover some more!

Our team or content curators has silently worked on building a huge collection of sites, cataloging and indexing them. This collection is instantly available to you through the suggestions tab.

You can choose to browse the list of suggestions, filtering based on your interests or the country you are interested in. Or you can actively search the database by entering one of more keywords, like ‘sport’ or ‘cloud’. The filters help you narrow down the results.

Adding sites you like is simple: just select them and click Add. The sites will appear as new bookmarks in the widget you selected.

Did you know?

To quickly add bookmarks to a specific widget, you can just use its widget menu and select ‘Add bookmark’. Also, the bookmark adder will remember to which widget you last added a bookmark and automatically suggest that widget next time.

Status Update July 29, 2021

This article is no longer accurate. That’s why we labeled it Old news. Please check the start.me Help Centre for the latest information.

4 Replies to “Easier bookmark adding and discovery”

  1. Is there a widget to automatically keep a list of the top 10 or 15 most used bookmarks in start.me for a person. I am manually managing it myself but would be nice if start.me tracked that and kept a bookmark menu of the most frequently used bookmarks to make it easier when you have over 100 bookmarks. Most you don’t use frequently.

    1. Great suggestion, Todd! We’ve been talking about a feature like this internally, so you’re actually supporting our efforts here. I’ll add your comment to the list of feature requests, so stay tuned! Also, did you know you can easily order all bookmarks in the Bookmarks Manager? Just click View all bookmarks in the Me Menu and sort by Recently added. Hope this helps!

  2. You should allow for moving bookmarks between existing bookmark container widgets without resorting to drag and drop, which is very clumsy and time consuming sometimes. Better than this would be selecting an option and typing the desired destination container name (with on the fly filtering of available destinations maybe?)

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