Have you seen our brand-new Widgets Marketplace?

Have you seen our brand-new Widgets Marketplace?

In our new Widgets Marketplace, you’ll find all of the almost 8,000 widgets we offer to our users. You can quickly browse, search and add widgets to your start.me page. In this article, you’ll find four reasons why we think you’ll love the new Widgets Marketplace.

New functionality

Widgets Marketplace
Widgets Marketplace

We conceived start.me as the ultimate personal startpage. You can use it to save, access and share your bookmarks, but there’s much more we offer. What, you ask? Our new Widgets Marketplace is the answer. It will help you find valuable widgets that you can add to your homepage.

Browse through 301 curated categories to find all topic-related widgets. Whether you are a teacher, business owner, investor, sports-fan or a gardening-lover, you’ll see that we have found some useful widgets for you.

We also added a new Search feature to help you locate specific widgets. You’ll find it in the top-right corner. Type in a search term, and you’ll find a list of all the keyword-relevant widgets. They can be proprietary start.me apps, news feeds, or other utilities.

If you want to reach the new Widget Marketplace, click the green +Add content button in the top of your page and locate the Widgets Marketplace button. To go back to your start.me page, simply click the start.me logo in the top-left corner of your window.

Brand-new widgets

A newly added widget: tracking the coronavirus
A newly added widget: tracking the coronavirus

We have also added some new and exciting widgets. Some of them offer valuable information from external sources, like the Coronavirus tracker by John Hopkins University, or other Corona virus related widgets.

For investors, we also added several new Stock market and commodities charts, like Crude Oil and Gold. Now, any business investor will be able to track the latest market developments from the comfort of their own start.me page.

We added a Pomodoro timer, and several new Search widgets like Wikipedia and WolframAlpha.

New countries

Finally, we’ve added support for sixteen new countries. People from these countries can now also benefit from having a selection of localized widgets and news feeds. These are the countries we’ve added:

  • Bulgaria
  • Cambodia
  • Ethiopia
  • Ghana
  • Iceland
  • Kenya
  • Luxembourg
  • Mongolia
  • Morocco
  • Nepal
  • Peru
  • Senegal
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Sri Lanka
  • Tanzania

Future plans for the Widgets Marketplace

We’ll continue to work hard to improve the user experience of our Widget Marketplace. Upcoming features include more customization options for widgets and personalized widget suggestions for users.

Also we plan to develop new high quality widgets. For this, we’ve asked our blog readers with a poll. We gave everyone two weeks to reply, and these are the results:

So, that’s it! Our Development Team has heard you, and is working hard to make a Podcast widget and a Map location widget possible. The other widgets are also under consideration.

Thanks a lot for everyone who was involved!

Submit your own widget (request)

Do you know a good widget or RSS feed that you believe is missing from our Widget Marketplace? Please submit it and we’ll review and publish it in the Widget Marketplace.

Do you have any other questions or tips for us? Leave a comment below or send it to our support team: support@start.me.

We’d love to hear from you!

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