New PRO feature: upload documents

New PRO feature: upload documents

As we are always listening to our customers, we decided honor a request to make it possible to upload documents. As of today, you can upload a file and open it from any device. Here’s how it works.


Steps to add a document to your account:

  1. With your mouse pointer, go to a Bookmarks widget on your start page.
  2. Locate the More button (three dots) and click it.
  3. Select Add bookmark to open the Add bookmark sidebar.
  4. Go to the third tab and click Upload document.
  5. Tick the selection box to accept the fact that anyone with the link can access the document. This added layer of security is to make sure you don’t accidentally share sensitive documents.
  6. Browse to the document you want to upload. This can be a Word document, a PDF, an Image file, et cetera.
  7. Click Upload document to confirm.

We will put a link in the Bookmarks widget to your document, for quick access.

Also good to know

We created this feature to make it easier to access your internal documents. You always had the option to link to local files, but this option locked your files into the device you used. Now you can access them anywhere.

Uploaded documents are accessible by a secret (hashed) URL that is added to your bookmark widget. If you share your page publicly, anyone can view these secret URLs and access your uploaded document. We recommend that you set your Page sharing setting to Private or Team, not to public. Also, we don’t recommend uploading a document with sensitive material.

You can find and manage your uploaded documents in the user admin section, under Uploaded files.

What do you think?

We hope that you will try this new feature right away. And if you like it (or not!) please let us know in the comments below. We love to hear from the community!

16 Replies to “New PRO feature: upload documents”

  1. Stefan
    Fantastic addition to the family. Took just seconds to greate and add documents. Well done, please keep up the good work

  2. When I click it opens a window to save it as a download, would be nice if it would display it. Maybe there is something I can change.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Mykal. I think the action of the browser depends on the type of file you’ve uploaded. When I upload a PDF for example, it opens in the browser by default. A CSV-file is downloaded, as the browser cannot open this. What type of document did you upload?

  3. Thank you very much, my dear, Mr.Stefan.There are no words sufficient to express the depth of my gratitude to you. Your great efforts mean a lot to me and to other subscribers.

    1. It appears (based on the URL created for “document” links) this feature is using: Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud)
      Link to service: (not sure to what extent limitations described on the site would apply).

      Note (because the document is stored on the AWS cloud as of the time it is downloaded): if at any time the local (resident) document used to create (download) the bookmark (document) link (URL) is edited (changed) then you would need to replace the current bookmark document link (URL) on the start-page with a new bookmark (document) link (URL) again (which would remove the relevant start-page document stored in the cloud to be replaced by the new document URL link) in order to reflect the resident local changes made to the relevant file (document).

      Not sure if this is a problem for all icons (or just the “document” bookmark interface) – I find in my case regarding making changes to a document icon that the icon “Reset” function does not function properly (fails to reset to the original default icon) — so, just an FYI, if you intend to change the “document” bookmark icon, it’s a good idea to note the default icon before making the change (by matching it to the list of icon options available) in order to be able to successfully revert back to the default icon, if you so desire).

      1. Hi Mike, thanks for your comment and the issue you’ve discovered. You’re correct: this is not how we intended the Reset icon button to function. It should revert to the original icon, based on the type of document you’ve uploaded. We’ll work on resolving this issue asap. Thanks for helping us to improve our service!

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