Remove your broken links

Remove your broken links

Broken links are a pest. That’s why we’re so happy we released a new exciting feature… the Broken Link Checker! The Broken Link checker will tell you which of your links are (most likely) broken, so you can remove them. This will help you keep your bookmark collections organized and stops you from visiting dead ends.

How does it work?

Links that we’ve identified as broken will now be displayed as Link title in your bookmark widget.

Example bookmark widget:

Broken Link Checker helps you identify links that are no longer working.

Upon clicking the dead link a new menu is offered with the following options:

For each link we identified as broken, we offer a menu with various options.

  • Open anyway – Open the link in a new window (to check if it’s really broken or not)
  • This link is not broken – Mark link as normal (e.g. not broken)
  • Delete bookmark – Remove this link from the bookmark widget
  • Edit bookmark – Correct this link manually
  • Search for an alternative link on Google – Try and find an alternative webpage on Google
  • Visit homepage of link – Go to the homepage of the link

We hope that this new feature will make it easier for your to clean up your old bookmarks. Happy housekeeping!

Please leave a comment below or e-mail your suggestions/feedback to


The Broken Link Checker is only available to PRO subscribers. For more information:

Arjen Robijn

(It's free and will only take a minute)

3 Replies to “Remove your broken links”

  1. Awesome!
    Thanks for adding broken link checker tool. Yes, you are right, I have 25+ websites and this tool really help me to remove broken links from my websites.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

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