Integrate Facebook pages

Integrate Facebook pages

After the successful introduction of our very own Todo widget, we bring you yet another new widget: the Facebook Page widget. This widget allows you to embed a public Facebook Page into your page and is perfect if you like to integrate a group or company page.

To add the new Facebook Page widget to your page, follow the next steps:

  1. Click the green ‘+‘ icon at the top-right corner of your page
  2. Select ‘Browse Widgets’
  3. Search for ‘Facebook‘ and select the ‘Facebook‘ search result
  4. Find the URL of the Facebook Page that you’d like to embed, and fill it in, in the ‘Facebook page URL’ field
  5. Click on ‘Done‘ to add the widget to the page

We hope you like the new widget. Try and customize it by tweaking the widget’s settings. One warning, though: the widget only supports displaying public Facebook pages. If you would like to integrate your own timeline, you will have to wait a little longer. We are working on that.

Paul Kamer

Paul Kamer

Paul has worked as a web developer and software architect for more than 8 years. He previously worked Global Sports Media and joined to support the team in making the best start page there is.

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