Improved performance

Improved performance

Today we deployed the first phase of our performance improvement program. In this first release, we focused on reducing memory consumption and improving the overall load time. Our tests show a general memory footprint reduction of about 15% and a similar speed improvement. Users should generally experience a faster load time. When using memory constrained devices, such as smartphones and tablets, performance improvements should be even more noticeable.

Apart from the general performance improvements, we made a number of improvements to our widgets. The Weather widget should now generally be more responsive and up-to-date, whereas the content detection for the Embed widget has been further enhanced.

In the coming weeks, we will deploy the second phase of the performance improvement program, which will further reduce load times.

If you should, despite our rigorous testing, find does not behave the way you expect it or show error messages, please let us know on

Michiel de Wit

Michiel de Wit

Michiel is CGO and co-founder of He is a software professional with a lot of experience in developing enterprise grade web applications. He is a certified Scrum Master and a great proponent of modern software development practices.

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3 Replies to “Improved performance”

  1. So I tested the major competitors of custom hope pages or start pages. blew away the competition. There were a few with over 2,000 reviews each vs Smart’s 200 something reviews; and they didn’t even come close. So I think I can promote this service pretty effectively. I realize it’s still a bit in the launch phase; but are there plans for an affiliate program?

  2. An idea just hit me. I think you might want to create, is a plugin (i.e., like the leadpages’ plugin) where one could use a custom smart page for their blog’s home page……or any blog page without changng the domain of the blog’s homepage. Us bloggers would need some added utilities built in, such as the ability to embed videos and optin forms, ad custom nav menus, mobile responsiveness, etc… But for bloggers with less than perfect blog themes or limited coding knowlege, I know many who would jump on this idea.

    1. You can embed videos with the embed website widget I think. Just paste the youtube / vimeo / etc. embed code into the box.

      And I think that looks good on mobile devices too.

      I don’t think that you could create custom navigation bars though – but perhaps a bookmarks widget would be a viable alternative, especially if you switch it to icons mode?

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