New drag and drop features for Widgets and Pages

New drag and drop features for Widgets and Pages

After making faster than ever, we haven’t stopped improving your user experience. Today we proudly announce new drag and drop features. This means it’s easier to relocate widgets to other pages or change the pages order. This has always been possible, but now it’s also an intuitive process. Read on and discover what we’ve been working on this week.

Drag and Drop Widgets

Drag and Drop your favorite widget straight to the new page.
Drag and Drop your favorite widget straight to the new page.

You know we love our Bookmarks Widget. Some time ago we already made it easier to create a new Bookmark widget from a single bookmark (just read this blog article, if you’ve missed it).

Now we’ve made it even easier to move an entire widget to a new page.

Just drag and drop it to your destination page. It’s that simple!

The effect of both actions is the same: our usual Move widget pane will appear, where you can select the destination page and confirm by clicking ‘Move’ and ‘OK’.

If you’re happy with the changes, click ‘Done’ to terminate the organization mode.

Change the order of your pages

Again, drag and drop your pages in the right order couldn't be more intuitive.
Again, drag and drop your pages in the right order couldn’t be more intuitive.

If you’re a bit like us, you probably have made more than one startpage. We like to use separate pages for news and for fun stuff, for example. We also start the day with a dedicated page for work, where we’ve collected everything necessary to quickly access our processes. We’ve discovered our product is great for that too!

With multiple pages, you sometimes want to rearrange the order they appear in.

Now you can change the order of your pages with a simple drag and drop. You can also open the Main menu (top left button) and rearrange the page order from there.

Try it out and please let us know if you like it!

Stefan van Dierendonck

Stefan van Dierendonck

For many years Stefan has been active as a blogger, building and maintaining his own and other websites. He is also the author of two well-received novels. Wherever possible, he tries to combine modern technology with literary or at least pleasantly legible content.

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4 Replies to “New drag and drop features for Widgets and Pages”

  1. This isn’t working for me in Chrome. I have confirmed that I do not have a touch enabled device here. It works in FF. Any tips?

  2. It’s not working for me either. I have a Windows Surface Book. It does have a touch screen, but is of course, a desktop not a mobile device.

    1. Hi Kim, thanks for letting us know about your problem. The touch screen on your Surface Book might be the problem. Have you tried moving the widget by opening the Context menu? Click the down arrow in the top right corner of your widget, and select move. Now you should be able to move it to the desired page. Please let us know if this works for you.

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