The results are in: this is what you want us to develop next

The results are in: this is what you want us to develop next

We asked you to tell us what to develop next, and your feedback was phenomenal. So now, without any delay, here are the results!

What to develop next?
What to develop next?

The most requested feature to develop next

With over one hundred reactions, the results are definitely encouraging. Almost 20% of all votes indicate that you would love to see an Inbox feature added to

This way, you can quickly save a link to your inbox, and categorize it later. Bookmarking will be faster and more efficient.

And this is just what is all about: we want to empower our users to navigate the internet more efficiently.

So that’s what we will work on next. And, as a little teaser of our new Extension dialog, this is what we came up with so far.

We expect to present the final version in July. What do you think?

Our roadmap to an improved experience

The Inbox doesn’t mean that the other features we proposed to you will be discarded. On the contrary. We’re always trying to improve our service. So what’s next?

The Duplicate Link Checker managed to get almost 17% of all votes, so that’s planned for July too.

The Speed improvements have always had our attention, and we will continue to work on this item too. Expect to see some results in August.

As you can see in the graph, these three features cover our top three, and over 50% of the votes. So that’s where we’ll start.

Multiple mentions

All the features we’ve proposed in our feedback form were valuable to more than one user. So, we will take a hard look on all of them, to see if we can create them as well.

Some of them, like the popularity of an iOS app, were reason to prioritize them in our roadmap. iPhone users can expect some good news this August!

Other features, like the Activity Timeline, could cover more than one function at once, like an undo feature, a restore feature, as well as a timeline. We might just kill more birds with one stone (metaphorically speaking, of course, we love these little winged creatures!).

Surprising suggestions

And then, there are the surprising suggestions our users could enter under the option ‘Other.’ Here we’ll give these users some brief feedback, so you can tell that we’ve heard you:

  • Make all widgets the same size – this is difficult to realize, as our widgets are not all created equal. RSS widgets are so different from the Calculator, or the Weather widgets, that it’s not easy to make their dimensions identical. We’ll probably have to shelve this one.
  • Bug in Android App – please contact our support section ( with more detailed information about the device, browser, and other details. We love to take a look at this!
  • Extended Note-taking options – can you make this more concrete? Please leave a comment.
  • Integrate with Google Keep – at the moment there is no Google Keep API available for third party developers.

Already available

Finally, several users let us know that they are interested in a feature we already offer.

  • Import bookmarks from similar apps – we call this feature Import bookmarks & RSS.
  • Automatic backups – all your information is automatically saved and backed up on our servers. This includes your Archived pages.
  • Submenu on a page – you can create an index of your pages in a Bookmarks widget. Here’s an example OSINT page.
  • Easier link icon integration – it’s possible to change a bookmark icon from the context menu.
  • Deadlink checker for one-off payment – we call this payment our special Lifetime PRO subscription. GO PRO now!

Stefan van Dierendonck

Stefan van Dierendonck

For many years Stefan has been active as a blogger, building and maintaining his own and other websites. He is also the author of two well-received novels. Wherever possible, he tries to combine modern technology with literary or at least pleasantly legible content.

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21 Replies to “The results are in: this is what you want us to develop next”

  1. Regarding the Notes Widget — it would be much better to not make the change at the time any change in the notes is made but instead only make the change if the user does an “Update” or “Save” top the notes. So that changes that were not intended or a mistake do not have to be corrected for every little change that is made.

    For example — a user might mistakenly highlight (select) a large portion of the notes and because just one character entered would replace the entire selected area the result is a significant ;portion of the notes have been removed (replaced by that one key stroke).

    Clearly that change should ONLY take place if the user clicks the “Done” or “Save” option and so if this mistake had occurred by not clicking the “Done” or “Save” option the user doesn’t suffer the unintentional loss of a significant amount of data.

    If you think about it — no changes should ever take place on-the-fly — clearly changes should always only occur if a “Save” is done — and this should be the case for the Notes Widget as well.

    I use the “Notes” Widget to keep track of records — so because changes occur on-the-fly I have to be very careful not to select too much to change because I have no way of backing out of a change that is made since the change has occurred for any keystroke that is done.

    It would be a huge improvement and obviously logical for any changes to only occur when the changes are actually “saved” by either clicking the “Done” button at the bottom of the Widget or by selecting the “Save” option at the top of the Widget. And if neither of these things are done then changes should NOT be made. If you want to add an “Are you sure” to protect users from making mistakes that would be fine too.

    1. This is interesting! So, if I understand you correctly, the Notes widget saves your changes even without clicking the Done button? I don’t think this should be happening. When you put the Notes widget in the Edit function, it should only save changes after you’ve clicked Done. Could you please recheck it, and contact our support team if necessary? Thanks!

      1. I did a poor job of explaining.
        1) You have to use “Edit” to make changes (as we both know)
        2) Once in “Edit” there is no other option than to click “Done” at the bottom to exit the “Edit” option.
        3) If I made a change this will of course be done at that time.

        I think there should be a way to “Exit” the “Edit” option without forcing the changes to be made — don’t you?

        What if I made a lot of changes and realized I was wrong to do so — all those changes will have to occur and I’ll have to be able to recall all those changes to fix the problem the only option there is to do is to click the “Done” button at the bottom.

        Now here is the scenario I mentioned that could be a disaster.

        I selected a large portion of text by mistake and then keyed in one character.

        All of what I just selected was then replaced by what I keyed in.

        I essentially just lost a significant ;portion of my notes because I have no other option than to click the “Done” button to get out of the Edit function.

        There should always be a way to Exit-Without-Saving at all times as exemplified by my example.

        You might think there would be an “Exit” (for purposes of not making a change) available in the upper-right corner Context-menu you provide — but there is not. There is only these options available: 1) Save, 2) Copy, 3) Move, 4) Settings, 5) Delete, 6) Help.

        There should at least be an option to “Exit without Saving” option here — that is if you don’t want to do the more difficult thing to provide two buttons at the bottom: 1) Save and 2) Exit (for purposes of not saving)

        I hope this explains things in more detail. 🙂

        Off-topic: I would suggest that these blogs should not continue to show the two boxes “Notify me of new comments” and/or “Notify me of new posts via email” — if in fact the user has already set these for the topic previously. By including this every time if gives the impression every post needs this done every time (which would be tedious because the user has to go through the additional steps to verify this — when I’m assuming once this is done once for a blog topic this remains in place unless changed. What I think should display once a user has selected either of these two choices is to display that the option has been selected: such as “You have requested to be notified for either “New comments” or “New posts” which ever might apply. This is fairly common practice if I’m not mistaken. (of course if one option is not selected then that option should still be prompted for to provide the opportunity for the user to do so.)

        1. Hi Mike, thanks for explaining some more. What you mention is indeed on our radar, not specifically for the Notes widget, but in general. We’re aware that we currently don’t have an undo feature, or a timeline feature, to make it possible to return to a previous state or setting. Your solution, to exit without saving, could solve this problem for the Notes widget, so I’ll propose it to the Code Masters. The same goes for your off-topic suggestion: I’m not sure how to save notification settings, but I’ll make some inquiries. Again, thanks for your feedback!

          1. Great job — I just noticed tonight that we now have two option buttons at the bottom of widget when in “Edit” mode: A) Save B) Cancel — thus providing a way to exit w/out forcing a save (only). Before the only option was “Done” (save) w/out an option not to save. So this provides a way to back-out of (reverse) changes in the event the changes were not wanted. Many thanks for the update!!

  2. Widget request

    My fav widget from the defunct igoogle days: Days Since

    It’s a basic list where you enter an event, it’s added to your list and counts up the days since. Became a must have for me so I could keep track of mundane things like when I last replaced the furnace filter or how long since I last flipped the mattress.

    Thanks for listening!

    1. That’s a nice idea — there are many times when I’d like to now when I did something but can never remember. And isn’t something that would be very difficult to do.

      One way you could do this currently would be to use the “Notes” widget — to may notes for yourself when you did something.

      But a Widget just dedicated to this with prompts for date and the event would still be nice to have.

    2. Days since… this looks like a great new widget idea! You could use it for chores, but also to track subscriptions. I’ll put it on the list. Thanks for contributing!

  3. I would like to know if it would be possible to search for an icon. I have many icons and categories which makes it hard to find where the heck I put the icon I want. If that exists let me know. Thanks Bob Blocker

    1. Hi Bob! Yes, it’s possible to search for icons. Go to any bookmark, right-click it to open the context menu, and click Change icon. In this sidebar, you can search our collection of icons, or click the tab ‘Your icons,’ to search the icons you’ve uploaded. Here’s the support article with some screenshots: I hope this helps!

  4. I just want to say thanks for creating a great product but just as importantly interfacing with your users in a great professional /personal way. I don’t know that I have seen this done so well for anywhere else in the software world. Thanks.

  5. hi you mentioned:
    Automatic backups – all your information is automatically saved and backed up on our servers. This includes your Archived pages.

    does it meant now the webpage we bookmarked is cached in your server?

    1. Thanks for asking! We only save your bookmarks to webpages, not the webpages themselves. We know this is a feature many users would appreciate, so it’s on our longlist. Stay tuned!

    1. Hi Cory,

      There is no minimum size requirement for favicons. Can you e-mail us us web address of your page where these bookmarks are imported? Please e-mail us at and we’ll investigate why these icons are not showing up correctly.

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