Top-10 most popular widgets

Top-10 most popular widgets

There are many popular widgets in

There are quite a lot of widgets available, but which are most popular? In this blog, we explore the widgets users like best.

The two most popular widgets on – it can be no surprise – are the bookmarks and RSS widgets. Of all widgets created, 72% of them are a bookmarks widget.

About a quarter of all bookmarks widgets is set to icon mode, either small or large icons. Ever since custom icons were introduced, about 20% of all bookmark icons have been personalized. RSS widgets make up for another 18% of all widgets created by users.

These are the remaining eight widgets:

  1. Weather
  2. Notes
  3. GMail
  4. Google Calendar
  5. Embed widget (to embed custom content)
  6. Facebook
  7. World clock
  8. Analog clock
Popular widgets in order of appearance.
Popular widgets in order of appearance.

2 Replies to “Top-10 most popular widgets”

  1. Nice graphic!

    Well, now that we know which widgets are the most popular, I hope you can fix some bugs with those 2 widgets:
    Bookmarks widget: when adding bookmarks I change its title sometimes and saved them that way. However, some bookmarks update & overwrite my title edit, and use the website’s updated title. I have to re-edit those. Kind of annoying.
    Webfeed widget: some feeds don’t refresh as often as desired. I used to test a same webfeed in Mozilla Thunderbird, Netvibes & is the one who got the worst results, especially in the mobile interface. I have to manually refresh a feed widget to get latest articles/news. Annoying as well.

    Hope you can fix those.

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