New name for our paid plan

When we introduced our Premium subscription July last year, we did not give much attention to the naming of our premium subscription. We figured Premium would be fine. The main reason we introduced the paid plan was because users were asking us for it.  A year and a half later, the Premium subscription has become an important part of That’s why we decided to give its name some more thought.

Continue reading won the 6th round of the AIA16

As you may have heard, has been nominated for the Accenture Innovation Awards 2016. We received a lot of positive feed back and more than 1,200 users took the trouble of voting for us. And with great result: we won the 6th round! This means we will be participating in the finals in October. Thank you very much to everyone who voted (or tried to)! This literally wouldn’t have been possible without you!

Wonderful comments

We would like to share some of the heartwarming comments we received from users who voted:

I never do this stuff, but you guys are great – the site is great – and I think that’s why so many of us have voted!

Just made us smile. And this one, too:

I was with the old iGoogle for many years, then with igHome. Just switched to you and love it: I tell my friends about it!

And one more, just because it made us happy:

Has been taken care of 🙂 I also promote your site regularly on Facebook, because I really enjoy it myself and so I want to share it with others!


5 users have won a free year of Premium. The winners have received an email to confirm their Premium subscription and a second one to congratulate them. For those of you who would like to get Premium for free, too: just invite your friends. For every friend who starts to use, we will award you with a month Premium for free. Just drop us an email to claim the reward!

Lifelong Premium winners

Just before Christmas we launched a Premium account giveway to celebrate the holidays. Everyone who would invite another user had a chance to win Premium for life. Today, out of the hundreds of participants we drew the names of the 10 inviters and the 10 users they invited. We would like to congratulate the following 20 new Premium members and welcome them into the Premium family:

Not a winner? Get Premium now

Don’t worry if you did not win a lifetime subscription to you can still get a lifetime subscription to Premium. Go to and read more about it. You can choose:

  • Get a 1-year Premium subscription for $20
  • Or get lifelong premium for only $45



Christmas giveaway: win lifelong Premium

It is nearly Christmas and here are HQ we are in a festive mood. Because it is nearly Christmas, we decided it would be nice to give away some presents. And so we will! For Christmas, we will be giving away 20 lifelong Premium subscriptions to, worth hundreds of dollars.

I want one!

So what do you have to do to get one of these Premium subscriptions? Simple! All you need to do is invite a friend to For every friend you invited that starts using, you will get a chance to win a lifetime subscription to Premium. And, as a bonus, when you win, your friend will get lifelong Premium, too!

So what are you waiting for? Go to our Christmassy ‘Invite a friend‘ page, invite some friends, and win that Premium subscription! Oh, if you don’t have an account yet, be sure to sign up first.