becomes the default start page in Pale Moon becomes the default start page in Pale Moon

We are proud to announce that has now become the default start page in Pale Moon. It’s a Firefox-based web browser with over 500,000 installs. Read our press release with details below.

Press release

Amsterdam, Netherlands (February 11th, 2015) – Today, Moonchild Productions and announced the integration of a new personal start page service in the popular web browser Pale Moon.

The cloud-based start page solution provides advanced bookmarking capabilities, and support for RSS Feeds. It also features thousands of widgets to help users connect to their cloud services right from their start page.’s founder Arjen Robijn said: “Having all your favorite websites and cloud services organized on a simple personal start page is a great productivity hack. We are proud that Pale Moon has chosen to work with to provide this unique start page experience to the Pale Moon community”.

Pale Moon’s founder Mark Straver commented: “ has built a start page that is fast, beautifully designed and contains many personalization features while giving existing users a smooth transition from what they have used for years. We are really excited about this partnership, as we believe it will significantly enhance the browsing experience for our users.”

The Pale Moon start page can be accessed at Users can choose to use the start page’s features anonymously or register for a free account to take full advantage of the cloud. With the browser add-on, users can also bookmark websites, and RSS feeds to their custom start page with a single click.

About Moonchild Productions

Moonchild Productions has developed Pale Moon, a web browser that is based on Mozilla Firefox. It is available for Linux and Windows platforms and distributed by Dutch developer Mark Straver. Pale Moon has seen over 500,000 installs and is popular because of its speed, customization, and privacy features.

About has developed a web-based personal start page. The start page works across all browsers, devices, and platforms. Since its launch in 2014, has more than 700,000 weekly users, including a large number of former iGoogle users. also provides dedicated plans to Educational organizations and Businesses.

More information

For more information about, please visit or contact

6 Replies to “ becomes the default start page in Pale Moon”

  1. I have been using it for a year and suddenly today all my links and bookmarks are gone. It wants me to sign in and when I do it says it’s blank. Where TF did all my links and icons go???

    1. This should not be happening at all, Lesspaul. We’re sorry to hear something clearly needs to be investigated. To me, it looks like a case for our support section. I’ve alerted them, so they should try to reach you soon. Thanks for getting in contact with us!

  2. I think it is a awful and it takes time to load why not at least make it possible to delete what you don´t need. I think I will look for another browser. I hate this microsoftish mentality. We know what is best for you. If you don´t like it we don´t force you. If I don´t want this shit on my desktop why do you think I want it in my browser. If I wanted fucking FB I could just press the ugly square shit in windows 10.

    1. Hi Ove,

      A couple of things:
      – You can simply change the start page in your Pale Moon browser
      – You can customize/delete the items on the Pale Moon start page to make it your own (simply hit “Personalize” in top of the page).

      Best regards,

  3. the new start page for PaleMoon (64 bit) keeps coming up with an orange bar saying an error occurred and to reload. this does not work. I am only planning to use this anonymously as I would prefer not to sign up for any “service” even if free.
    Otherwise back to a google start page

    1. Hi Alex. Sorry for our late reply. Could you tell us something more about the particular error? There should be a link in the error bar that shows you some more information, including an option to report the error. Would be most helpful!

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