How to use Starred Pages and save time

How to use Starred Pages and save time

With the Starred Pages feature, a user can add more structure to their list of pages. This is especially useful for PRO users since they can manage many different pages. Still, it’s also useful with a free account. If you want to learn why, read on!

Add a star!

Whenever you give a star to a page, you move it into the dedicated Starred pages section. Now, if you open the page, you’ll only see that one in the top header. No distractions. No prying eyes if you should use your page to present your project or lesson to a group. What’s personal isn’t visible.

Here’s the reason we think it’s a useful feature for anyone, including Free users.

You just have more control over the pages you display in the header of your page. It’s like a new menu to quickly allow you to jump to the pages you really need. We think it’s especially useful if you have an ample collection of pages. Now you don’t have to archive pages to keep things in order.


To start using this new feature, follow these steps:

  • Click the top left Pages button to open the pages sidebar.
  • With the mouse pointer, go to the page you want to add to the Starred pages menu. You can select pages from your personal pages, or from shared team pages. A star will appear when you hover over it.
  • Click the star. Now the page will appear in the header, in a new Starred pages section.
  • To remove a page from your header, open the Pages sidebar and click the star of the page you want to remove.

Note: this section will only appear in the sidebar if you have clicked a star.

What do you think?

So that’s it for now. With a simple hover and click you can create a brand-new menu in your header. We also tweaked the header a bit to make it more attractive and simpler. You’ll notice this especially if you’ve added a background, the buttons kind of fade away into the image without being overly present.

What do you think? We’d love to hear from you in our comments!

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  1. I don’t know if starring the pages is useful, but I do like having the choice to do it. It would be nice to remove the clutter, while I focus on relevant pages.

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