Introducing our latest (PRO) feature: detect and remove duplicate links

Introducing our latest (PRO) feature: detect and remove duplicate links

Exactly a month ago, we teased you with a soon to be developed Duplicate links checker feature. Today the time has come for the big reveal!

How does it work?

As of today, all identical URL’s that appear inside a bookmark widget are highlighted. Behind the title of a link you’ll see the number of times we identified the same link within the same widget.

Numbers of duplicate links
Numbers of duplicate links

You can click the number and a new pop-up will appear with two options:

Duplicate link pop-up
Duplicate link pop-up
  • Edit bookmark. After you click this, you can change the TitleURL, and Description. You can also change the Icon here.
  • Delete bookmark. If you click this, it’s gone forever. There is no undo.

The duplicate links are only visible to the account owner and editor of a page. Visitors of a shared page will not see the duplicate link indicator.

When you add a new link to a widget, we will now show you a warning message if the link already exists inside the widget.

A warning appears when you are adding an identical link to a widget

How do I activate or deactivate this feature?

If you have a PRO subscription, this feature will be activated by default. You can disable or enable this whenever you like.


  • Click the User menu (top right corner).
  • Go to Settings.
  • Toggle the Show duplicate links option to ON or OFF.

This feature is available to all PRO users. Not a PRO user yet? Upgrade your account now. You will enjoy an advertisement-free experience, Broken Link Checker and all other premium features.

What’s next?

With today’s release, the duplicate links are visible and checked inside the main app. In the near future we will be releasing the following features:

  • Next week, we will update the Bookmarklet and Browser Extensions (for Chrome, Edge, Firefox), so they will also detect duplicated links.
  • This quarter we will release an advanced new Bookmark Manager that will also allow you to check for duplicate links across all your widgets and pages.

So that’s it, for now!

Do you like the new Duplicate Link Checker, or do you have some questions or suggestions for us? We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below!

6 Replies to “Introducing our latest (PRO) feature: detect and remove duplicate links”

  1. I read a previous post about prerecorded presentation software and just curious how we get on that list. I added a link to our product so you can check it out. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

    1. Hi, I’m not sure what list or previous post you’re referring to, so please elaborate!

  2. Thank you for providing an option to disable this feature (albeit only for PRO – which might be frustrating to non-PRO users, at least at this time based on the results I get that is).

    I’ve disabled the feature because the feature does not appear to work as expected if I understand the function correctly.

    As I understand it – this feature should only apply to “identical URL’s that appear inside a bookmark widget” (as mentioned here in this blog) which would presumably be specific to the respective widget – so is applicable specifically to only the URL’s and nothing else within a widget.

    In my case, with this feature enabled, there are 3 banks each of which display the “(2)” reference at the end of the “Bookmark Title” (description). Presumably this should mean that I have 2 bookmarks within this specific widget with “identical” URL’s for each of these 3 bookmarks (banks) – which is not the case for any one of the 3 bookmarks. I would add that I do not have any duplication of any of these 3 URL’s anywhere else on my start-page either in case this feature is not restricted to the specific widget where the bookmarks reside.

    The only thing I can determine that is “identical” at all are the first characters of each of the 3 banks (that is the 1st character of each of the bookmarks all start with the letter “U” and that’s the extent of anything that is remotely identical for these 3 bookmarks). Clearly the URL’s are entirely unique for all bookmarks in this widget including these 3 banks which would have to be the case as each of these 3 bookmarks in question open a login page to the appropriate bank all of which are entirely different banks thus entirely different login pages.

    1. As always, thank you for your feedback!

      Links were marked as “Duplicate” if they appeared more than once inside a single widget, regardless if they appeared in a different Group.

      We have changed this now. Only identical links that appear in the same group are marked as duplicate.

      Let us know if this works OK for you now!

      1. Hi Arjen,

        It works now (the way I would have expected). By “group” you must mean other start-pages presumably (that might in fact also include the same URL – which is the case for me)

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