Two new options: share widgets or live copy them!

Two new options: share widgets or live copy them!

Until today, there were some clear limitations to your sharing options. You always had to share an entire page, for example. Also, you could copy a single widget to another page, but you had to manually update it if you wanted to change it. At the request of many of our users, we’ve changed this today.

First up: share individual widgets

Share widgets

Sharing information on the internet is simple and easy. There are many social media platforms, full of wonderful options like thumbs up, like, retweet, whatever. Your short video, selfie or food pic can circle the world in less than one second.

But what if you just want to share a few links to your partner or colleague? Nothing fancy, just your favorite holiday rental options, some tasty cauliflower recipes, or a few links to documents you want to share? has you covered!


  • With the mouse pointer, go to a Bookmarks widget. The More button will appear (three dots).
  • Click the More button > Share.
  • Toggle the option Anyone with the widget can see this widget to On (it will turn green).
  • Now your widget gets assigned a random link, you can copy and share. In the header of a shared widget, you’ll see a Shared tag.

Be careful: there is no additional security check to this feature. If you share a link to your widget, it will become visible to anyone with the link until you toggle the share option off.

Also: you can share not just bookmarks widgets, but any other widget. Think Todo lists, Notes widgets, or even RSS widgets. And did we mention that it’s a free feature?

Create a Live Copy of any widget

Another important new addition is available to all our PRO users. As of today you can put the same widget on your pages, and keep them all in sync. We call this a Live copy. It’s especially useful as:

  • A Table of contents widget (TOC). Like on this OSINT page, by Lorand Bodo.
  • A Speed Dial widget to access your favorites from your most visited pages.
  • An Shared links widget with bookmarks or notes that are interesting for multiple teams.


  • With the mouse pointer, go to a widget you want to copy. The More button will appear (three dots).
  • Click the More button > Copy, merge and move > Copy.
  • Now select the destination page, column, and position.
  • Select the option Live copy > Copy.
  • Now we will create a live copy on the page you determined. In the header of the Live copy, you’ll see a live copy icon. When you click it, you’ll see the option to return to the source widget and make changes.

Example use case: a school district

Here’s a case of one of our users: a district has chosen for to manage the homepage for all of their 12 schools. They have separate pages for each school.

On each school page they have a widget with links to the shared District apps. They have 12 instances of this widget. When they want to add a new link, they have to update it 12 times.

Not anymore!

With the new live copy, they can update all 12 widgets at once. And they don’t have to be bookmarks widgets either: you can put a Latest News widget on every homepage, and update them from your own start page.

What do you think?

We hope that you will try this new feature right away. And if you like it (or not!) please let us know in the comments below. We love to hear from the community!

10 Replies to “Two new options: share widgets or live copy them!”

  1. This looks good, but my main concern is that if this web site becomes popular, then content creators will share bad content; content that is redundant, or factually incorrect. You can see this on YouTube, and the comment sections are filled undeserved audience support.

    If only there were a way for audience members to down vote and reject this, then users can take heed.

    1. Thanks for voicing your concern about content moderation on our platform, Eugene. You’re absolutely correct: as our platform is becoming more popular and more social, our moderation needs are also evolving. As we state in our Terms & Conditions: “You may not transmit any Content that is unlawful, offensive, upsetting, intended to disgust, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene or otherwise objectionable.” Right now, we manage the flow of new content manually, as we actively monitor the new and existing public pages, we also respond to questions or concerns we receive by our support team or through our social media accounts. So, if you ever come across something you’re worried about, feel free to let us know asap. We’re really committed to creating a safe, personal platform online, where anyone can feel safe.

    1. Hi Morris, thanks for your comment. At the moment it’s not possible to integrate Notes into Bookmark widgets. You can, however, provide a Bookmarks widget with a description. This description will appear below the widget title. Just put the bookmarks widget in the edit mode, and click the description icon (a chat icon). You can also display your bookmarks with their description visible, which can double as a comment. To do this, click the More menu > Display settings > Detailed list. You can decide to show the entire description, or truncate it to the first line only. I hope this helps!

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