New features for embedding and social sharing of your pages

New features for embedding and social sharing of your pages

It’s always been possible to share pages you built with Now, we made it even easier: we’ve added an option to embed your page inside your blog or existing website. And we made sharing your page on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks a lot easier.

How to share your page

Share pages with the button
Share pages with the button

As many of our users may know already: if you want to share a page, you only have to click the Share button. Once you’ve clicked, you see several options:

  • Keep it private: only you have access. You can also invite other users to see or see and edit this page. It’s still private.
  • Share with a team. You can try it out for free, but you need a team subscription for full functionality.
  • Shareable link: anyone with the URL can see your page.
  • Public: share the page so anyone, including search engines, can see your page.

For more information about these share options, read this support article.

Added options to share pages

New options to share pages on social platforms
New options to share pages on social platforms

Once you’ve made a page public, you can now embed it on a new page, or share it immediately on your favorite social network, or by email.

To do this, you go to the page you want to share, and click the ‘Shared’ button again. Now you locate the Connection button, and click it:



You will see the options to Embed, share socially or email your page.

The first option: embed your page

If you choose to Embed your page, you’ll see it on a webpage you own. This could be especially useful for bloggers or teachers. Now you can integrate your public page seamlessly with a (school) homepage. You’ll get several options:

  • Display the page header or not;
  • Display scroll bars or not.

Once you’ve made your choice, you only have to copy and paste the iframe code to your page.

More options: share your page on social networks

We support:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

It’s also possible to share your page by email. Click the option, and your preferred email service will open automatically.

What do you think?

We hope you like this new improvement to our share options. Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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