Have you seen our new Bookmark manager already?

Have you seen our new Bookmark manager already?

Our users know full well, that we’re in the business of bookmarks. Once upon a time, we even called ourselves a Bookmark manager. Even though we offer lot of of dashboard features too. Recently, we’ve added an advanced tool to help you to keep your large collections of bookmarks up-to-date. We’ve called it Bookmark manager. Here’s why we think it’s a major improvement to our service.

What’s new?

For the very first time in our history, you’ll get an overview of all your bookmarks. This includes a total count of all bookmarks!

You can also see the number of bookmarks on every personal page or your team pages. Just try it, and see how productive you’ve been.

Sort all bookmarks

Once you’ve opened the Bookmark manager, you’re also able to sort your bookmarks. So, if you’ve ever wondered where the bookmark ended up, that you’ve added last week, now you’ll know.

Sort by Recently added or by Recently modified.

Have you found the bookmark you’re looking for? Hover over it, and you’ll see the current page location, and the widget it’s assigned to.

You’ll also get the chance to rename it, or open the familiar Bookmark menu with options to move, copy, etc.

Change multiple icons at once

Another new feature is the option to change multiple Favicons at once. Here’s how it works:

  • Click the icon of any bookmark to select. You’ll see a new options bar on the top of your window. Here you can select all bookmarks, to copy, move, and delete them.
  • Instead, click the More icon (three dots), to change the icon of your selected site.

This feature is especially useful when you deep link to the same site, or to different sections of the same site.

Show broken and duplicate links

Another important feature of our new Bookmark manager are the Show broken links, and the Show duplicate links tab. Now, when you publish a page, you can easily maintain it.

So, if you want to make sure there’s not one broken or duplicate link on your public OSINT page, you just click and see. No more scrolling through every single page. We think it will really save you time!

See Recently added

And then, there’s one last improvement we’ve added. Now, if you want to see a recently added bookmark, just click the Search icon in the header, and you’ll see them.

Open your Bookmark manager now!

The Bookmark manager is a new feature, available to all users. This includes our Free subscribers. So why not try it out today?

Click the User icon View all bookmarks.

And don’t worry about returning to you regular start page: we’ve created a button for that too. It’s called Go to Page. So you can switch effortlessly.

Coming very soon…

Note: this feature is still in beta, as we continue to add new functionality like drag and drop.

We also plan to add:

  • Unsorted bookmarks, so you can add bookmarks without categorization.
  • View and sync your browser bookmarks. You can connect a bookmark folder from your browser to a widget to keep them identical.

Final question

We’re very excited about these new features, and we hope you’ll love them to. Please help us to improve this feature by posting your thoughts in the comments.

We’ll reply to each and every one.

11 Replies to “Have you seen our new Bookmark manager already?”

  1. Thanks guys, very useful for a link hoarder like me!

    I have a few links that are best opened in specific browsers. Is there any chance of adding the ability to specify the browser to be used for those links?

    I know, we’re never happy, are we!

  2. Yes! Nice Christmas present, thank you!
    Looking forward to the implementation of those two new beta features as well.

  3. This is really helpful, thank you!
    A small (and temporary, hopefully) bug, it won’t let me edit the broken links. It keeps turning back to the old, broken ones. So, although it lets me see them all together, which is a neat feat, I still need to go back to mu start page, find the said links and change them to their present, correct forms.

    1. Hi cartuse, thanks for trying out the new bookmarks manager! As I’m not able to replicate the issue you mention, could you please contact our support staff with a bit more background information? For example: which browser and operating system did you use, have you tried emptying the cache, which exact steps did you follow? You can reach them at: support@start.me. Thanks for helping us out!

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