Boost your productivity with free widgets

Boost your productivity with free widgets

Who wouldn’t want to raise their productivity? Honestly, we know quite a few entrepreneurs who still think Output per unit of input, is the most accurate measure of productivity. It’s every shareholder’s dream to get more work done with fewer people. But why should anyone with a steady job, paid by the hour, ever want to become more productive? With the advent of ChatGPT, this question is more relevant than ever.

The cost of laziness

Now here's the kind of productivity that I prefer!
Now here’s the kind of productivity that we prefer!

Many people still measure productivity by working hourly. But with advanced AI tools, this way of working seems outdated. Back in the day, things were slower because people weren’t as connected globally. Now, everything—news, money, information, people—moves really fast around the world. It’s clear: there’s always someone in another country who can do the same job for less money. By using specific prompts, you can create value quickly. Nowadays, time is more valuable than ever, directly linked to money.

Is productivity still optional?

This appears to be Times Square, isn't it?
This appears to be Times Square, isn’t it?

One thing stands out in our minds: for better or worse, with our new and less predictable lives comes more responsibility. A personal responsibility. No government, no manager, no one will eventually make you decide what to do daily. You have to decide for yourself. Just as they won’t tell you how to vote (hopefully), you’re at it alone in your cubicle, trying to get the work done before your workday is over. Or, which is evermore the case in our increasingly flexible job market, before you get replaced by a seemingly better fit.

It’s a competitive world out there. You better take every advantage you can get, especially if it’s free to start.

And that’s where productivity widgets come in

Now there's a nice little desktop setup
Now here’s a nice little desktop setup

Sometimes a slight improvement can make all the difference, and the great thing is, that they are available, even when you’re on a budget. Yes, you’ll need access to the Internet, but once you’re there you can bookmark and discover many interesting and empowering websites. You can take notes in your browser or bookmark widget to make sure your goals are met. You can read newspapers for free with RSS Readers you can configure just the way you want to.

Add to-do lists, with or without Google integration. Check your calendar right from your start page. Convert currency. And a lot more.

Now, more than ever, there’s a great chance to organize and enjoy your digital stuff in the cloud. It’s safe and always there when you need it, connecting you to tools like ChatGPT. No need to waste time looking for things; they’re right where you want them.

This gives us peace of mind and makes us more productive. When we open our laptops, we can quickly find what we need. This means we can focus on thinking and creating instead of spending time searching online or using chatbots.

What do you think?

We think is a great productivity tool. Honestly, we use it every day ourselves, and we couldn’t write our blogs without it. So, please try it out and see if you like it (or not!). Please let us know in the comments below. We love to hear from the community!

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