New search bar live (BETA)

New search bar live (BETA)

Today a much requested improvement has been deployed to the new BETA. The search feature has been mostly rebuilt and should now be more convenient than ever. Many users requested the search bar to be centered, much like in the old design. So that is where the search bar is: in the center, right below the header bar. We intentionally removed the search bar from the header, so that there would be room for an other new feature we are planning to deploy in the coming weeks. So stay tuned!

Search engines can be easily switched using the drop down menu on the right side of the search bar. This menu makes it easy to switch search engines and add your own. Which search providers will be shown in the menu can be configured using the new ‘Manage search engines’ feature.

Finally, the actual search functionality has been improved as well. Search suggestions will be shown for all search engines. Furthermore, the search box will recognize it when you type a URL and will directly open te requested page. That should make the search box an ideal place to quickly start browsing the web.

Michiel de Wit

Michiel de Wit

Michiel is CGO and co-founder of He is a software professional with a lot of experience in developing enterprise grade web applications. He is a certified Scrum Master and a great proponent of modern software development practices.

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6 Replies to “New search bar live (BETA)”

  1. Hi
    I noticed after a Google search that you can’t refine the results in search tools to select a particular country or time. Can you fix this? Also, if you create your own custom search engine the site requests that you add “%s” to the URL but where? eg. doesn’t work. Keep up the great work.

      1. Thanks for that tip, for some reason it passed me by until now…

        Using this seems to pass the query string to the other search engine but not trigger the search. I further changed my saved search to…

        This also triggers the search in

        I thought it would be worth sharing in case anyone else was as frustrated before as I was 🙂

        Liking the new look and feel so far :).

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