Archive pages like a pro

Archive pages like a pro

Until today it wasn’t possible to archive pages. You only had one option if you wanted to clean up your list of pages: delete them entirely. Now you can Archive them first, and Dearchive them later. Or delete them after all. Your life has just become even more organized.

Archived pages are not visible in your main menu. However, they can still be accessed and restored (unarchived). This is useful for when you do not need a specific page (temporarily), but you do not want to delete it (forever).

Archive pages with a click
Archive pages with a click

How to archive pages


  1. Open the main menu (left top button).
  2. Select the pencil next to the page you want to put in storage.
  3. Click “Archive page” in the bottom of the sidebar.

How to restore pages


  1. Open the ME menu (right top button)
  2. Go to “Account details.”
  3. Select “Pages” in the left menu
  4. Locate “Archived pages.”
  5. Click the “Unarchive” link for pages you want to restore

This feature is only available to PRO users.

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Arjen Robijn

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