New: Bookmark batch operations

New: Bookmark batch operations

Today we launched a cool new power feature: Batch Operations for Bookmarks. You can now select and handle multiple links inside a bookmark widget. After this, you can apply one of the following batch operations: Move, Copy, Delete.

Batch operations in action
Batch operations in action

Batch operations to handle multiple bookmarks


  1. First you enable the edit mode of a widget.
    • Double-click the Header of the widget.
    • or click the three-dots icon and select Edit.
  2. Select the links you’d like to perform a batch operation on.
  3. Select one of the following options:
    • Delete, which will remove all selected bookmarks immediately. There is no going back on this one.
    • Copy and Move opens a new sidebar. Here you can select the destination page, widget, or Bookmark group. Once you click the destination widget, the operation will be activated immediately.
  4. Click Done to end the edit mode.

If you want to see this function in action, look at this support article:

Please let us know your comments about this feature. You can leave them below or e-mail us at

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