How to quickly add multiple bookmarks to your startpage

How to quickly add multiple bookmarks to your startpage

One of the great things about your own personalized startpage (like is the possibility to save any page. Quickly, easily and safely. But did you know you can add multiple bookmarks at once?

With other bookmark solutions, like the ones you get with modern browsers, this is simply not possible. Your browser wants you to click the star or some other symbol. One by one. But what if you want to add five sites at once? Or ten? Or even more? In this article, we present a great solution to this problem.

Why save multiple bookmarks at once?

Imagine you’re still in college, and you want to write an essay about the wonderful American poet Lucie Brock-Broido. One of the first things you’ll do is get to Wikipedia, of course. Not because you want to quote from this source, you know better than that.

Your professor sneezes on this unverified source of bottom-up, democratized knowledge.

But he doesn’t mind using it to read up on the subject. To get a general idea. And he’s also quite happy when you’re collecting many links to reputable sources. The more the better, even.

Now, where do you find this information he values so much?

Add multiple bookmarks from Wikipedia
Wikipedia has to be one of the first sites you check out when writing an essay

The value rests at the bottom

The first thing you do, when you’re looking to graze Wikipedia for valuable content, is scrolling down to the bottom of the page. That’s where you’ll find all the references you’ll need. Now you have to select each link you want to save. Just right-click it, and select ‘Copy link.’

Next, go to your page. It might be a new one, dedicated to this project alone. With you can make as many of them as you like.

Then you’ll just have to click the plus in the widget.

Next, click the option ‘Multiple URLs.’

Paste the link you’ve just selected onto your bookmark window. Do this for every link you want to add. One hyperlink per line.

Click done to confirm. will sort out your bookmarks, add icons, and make sure they’re alive.

Why bother saving multiple bookmarks?

So it’s handy for a college student, saving more than one bookmark at once. A good idea.

Why should I care?

We understand your question, really. So we’ve designed this feature to work on any website, even on Google. This makes it handy for anyone. The home cook who wants to save recipes from many different sites at once. Anyone looking for a new car, a new home to live in or just looking for a new pair of sneakers. Any customer. Or a music lover. Movie buff.

Whenever you want to have a choice, you could use a way to manage multiple bookmarks easily.

Because saving a bunch of links is just the beginning.

Next comes the process of moving them around to new blocks.

You can label these blocks ‘Useful’, ‘To check later’ or ‘My first choice’.

You’ll want to engage with the information you’ve found, not just in the form of a simple list, but visually. Make the blocks as dynamic and attractive as you wish.

You might even want to share the entire page with your fellow students or friends. With your spouse or children. With your professor. He’ll be amazed!

More than just a good idea!
More than just a good idea!

9 Replies to “How to quickly add multiple bookmarks to your startpage”

  1. I tried adding multiple bookmarks and it didn’t work for me. There was no option to add multiple bookmarks after I pasted the links. Is there a fix for this?

    1. Hi Suzanne, Thanks for commenting. The option to add multiple bookmarks only appears after clicking the Add content button in the bookmark widget. You’ll see the Add bookmark sidebar, where you can click the option ‘Multiple URLs.’ Now you can add the URLs you’ve copied. I hope this helps!

  2. Thanks, Ludger. If you want to import bookmarks from Firefox or any other browser, you first have to export them to a html-file.

  3. Great function.
    My question:
    which is the best way to import bookmarks from a subdirectory of the browser (ex. FF)?

    1. Hi,
      I know how to export and import bookmarks. That was not my question. I want to import only a subdirectory of bookmarks. Otherwise I have to import a lot of stuff and to delete 95 % afterwards. That is a wast of time.


      1. Hi Ludger,

        Unfortunately, we don’t have a function to selectively import certain subdirectories, yet. However, there is a fairly simple way to do this manually. The exported bookmarks are in a file format that can actually be edited really easily by hand. Just open it in a tool like Notepad and remove the Subdirectories you don’t want to import.

        The subdirectories are easily recognized. They look something like this:

        <DT><H3 FOLDED ADD_DATE="...">{title...}</H3>

        If you like, I can help you editing the file.

        Regards, Michiel de Wit

  4. Great function.
    My question:
    which is the best way to import bookmarks from a subdirectory of the browser (ex. FF)?
    Best regards,

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