Looking for better icons for your bookmarks? Here’s how!

Looking for better icons for your bookmarks? Here’s how!

We’ve been busy, honestly. Most of our work has been dedicated to keeping our systems working, enhancing security, and the likes. But we’ve also improved an golden oldie: our free icons picker. Now your bookmarks will shine brighter than ever!

Many new Icons to choose from

Our database is filled with many different websites, and many of them offer a default Favicon or Icon. In fact, we’ve made improvement in the background to make sure over 10,000,000 websites come with a better icon for your bookmarks!

But what if you don’t like the original icon, and prefer your own? This is where our unique and improved Icon picker is most useful.

Screenshot Change icon option

Instructions for desktop or laptop

  • With your mouse pointer, go to any bookmark, and right-click.
  • You’ve just opened the context menu. Click the third option: Change icon.
  • Now, you’re in the Icon picker. You can choose from a stunning total of 6209 options!
    • Flat icons (784 options),
    • Emoji (1426),
    • Letters & Numbers (85),
    • Illustrated icons (3914),
    • Your uploaded icons.
  • Find what you like? Just click the image, and it will be applied immediately.

You can also Search for icons, or Reset and restore the default favicon. For the flat icons and Letters & Numbers, you can also choose the color.

Note: these instructions are for any desktop or laptop browser. If you’re reading this article on a mobile device, you can also change the icons of your bookmarks. Since you can’t right-click, you press the pencil icon in the header of your Bookmarks widget, and then again the pencil icon next to the bookmark you want to change. Tap Change icon to open the Icon Picker.

Screenshot of Icons picker in touchscreen devices.

What do you think?

So that’s it for this time. We hope you’ll try it out and let us know what you think. And if you have tips to improve our service, please let us know in the comments. We love to hear from the community!

12 Replies to “Looking for better icons for your bookmarks? Here’s how!”

  1. I really like this feature! The only improvement to this I could think of would be the option to set a custom icon as the default icon for the site domain. The main reason I’d like this is because there a few websites that I use multiple links of but their icons are not very identifiable in dark mode because their default icons are too dark. Would help alleviate manually changing a lot of icons.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, Alan! I understand the issue you mention: being able to set a customized default icon for site domains. We also thought about this, and we came up with a different solution. Here’s what you can do: open the Bookmark manager, by clicking the View all bookmarks option in the Me menu. In the Search field, type the name of the site your want to change. You should see all the results, across all pages. Now select one of them. A bulk action bar will appear across your window. Click Select All > More > Change icon. Now you can set an icon for all sites at once. Hope this alleviates the issue!

      1. That is really useful! I had no idea you could batch edit them like that. I would say this definitely alleviates a lot of the issue, although I would say this method still requires periodic manual input which is a bit undesirable, but this is very helpful nonetheless!

  2. Thank you for this!

    1 thing that I like about this icon feature is that getting a copy of that icon becomes much more intuitive. Normally, people would need to type in the URL for that specific icon from the destination site, but here, we can just right click.

  3. Thank you for the additional info. This does not work for me (Edge on Windows 10); when right clicking as above I am not presented with a menu such as is shown. It does, however, work in the Firefox browser.

    1. Sorry to hear this, Christopher. I’m afraid I can’t reproduce your issue; on my systems the widget menu works as expected. If you want our support team to take look at it, please shoot them an email at support@start.me. Please include detailed information about the start.me login you’ve used (not the password), the browser & system you use. We’re happy to investigate!

  4. This was a good one! Always ready to “Spruce” up my application a bit. Tks for the tips you send! DN

    1. Hi Christopher, tanks for your reply! The Instructions are for any desktop or laptop browser. If you want to change icons on a touchscreen device (tablet or smart phone), you can click the pencil icon in a bookmarks widget and then the pencil icon for the bookmark you want to change. I’ve also added a screenshot show how it works. Hope this helps!

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