We just added a new set of emoji icons

We just added a new set of emoji icons

Want to revamp your bookmark collection? As of today, you can use a brand-new set of emoji icons. It’s not a giant leap forward, we know. Here’s why we think it’s still worth your time.

Let’s jump right in!

You can find the new set of icons easily. Just go to any old bookmark on your page, and right-click it.

You’ll open the Bookmark menu. Locate the Change icon option, and click it.

Now, you’ll see the familiar Icon sidebar, with some minor design changes. Locate the Emoji icon tab and click it.

Now there’s a wealth of options to choose from. The emoji’s are organized in these groups:

  • Activities (including Sparkles).
  • Animals & Nature (anything from Pigs to Eagles)
  • Component.
  • Extra Openmoji.
  • Extra Unicode .
  • Flags (from Ascension Island to Zimbabwe).
  • Food/Drink (including Lollipops, French Fries, and Clinking Glasses).
  • Objects (like Sunglasses, Computers or a Toothbrush).
  • People body (in any skintone).
  • Smiley emotion (here you’ll find the usual smiling and frowning suspects).
  • Symbols (like medical symbols and other signs).
  • Travel places (and the machines to get there).

You can also search for an icon you’re looking for. In English.

Just remember to click Done once you’ve selected the emoji of your choice.

Possible use cases

We think this new option to add dedicated emoji icons to your pages is a great addition to your page.

Here are a few reasons:

  • Use it to add emotion to your links: select a smiley face or crying one; now you can show your appreciation.
  • Make a distinction between the familiar site icons (or Favorites) and your deep links.
  • Add a bit of style to your page. The icon design is consistent, as they are hand-designed and freshly outlined. You can even choose Facebook and other famous icons from the new collection.
  • If you choose to display sites as large icons, the result will be stunning!
  • In the Edit mode of your Bookmarks widget, you can also select multiple bookmarks, and change them at once.
  • It’s free for all users!

What do you think?

Will you try it out today? Do you think it’s a useful addition? How would you use it to power and improve your pages? Please let the community know in the comments. We’d love to get the conversation started!

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  1. Hello, we love Start.me and pay for monthly charge. However I think we have two accounts and are working on the wrong one but I cannot find the one we are paying for. Sorry but I am not sure how to go forward.

    1. Hi Charles, Thanks for reaching out. I’ve checked your account, and it looks like I can’t solve this issue immediately. I can tell that you’re a PRO user and that your team trial has expired, but other than that, I’m just not sure. We need a bit more information, for example: what are the two e-mail addresses of the accounts you mentioned? Please send this information to our support team to help you solve this issue. You’ll get a quick response, I’m sure. E-mail this information with a description of the issue at: support@start.me. I hope this helps!

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