Easily track your favorite sports teams

Easily track your favorite sports teams

Today we have officially released a new Sports Data widget that enables you to track your favorite sports teams and competitions.

Never miss a match of your favorite team anymore! Whether your team plays in the NBA, NCAA, or in the Ligue 2 in France, we have it covered. A really cool feature we hope you will enjoy!

Our detailed Global Sports Coverage includes

  • 200+ countries
  • 24,000+ teams
  • 1,600+ competitions
  • 10 sports (American Football, Basketball, Baseball, Basketball, Cricket, Handball, Hockey, Soccer, Rugby, Volleyball)

How it works

  1. On your start.me page, click Add widget
  2. Select or type Sport schedules
  3. Search for your favorite team or competition
    Note: You can add multiple teams/competitions to the same widget!

4. Configure the widget to show all teams/competitions in one list or as separate tabs


Status Update Jan 1, 2020

Unfortunately, we had to discontinue this widget. We suggest you link to the webpage of your favorite team, follow their news in a dedicated RSS widget, or embed an iFrame of their schedules or accomplishments.

Status Update July 29, 2021

This article is no longer accurate. That’s why we labeled it Old news. Please check the start.me Help Centre for the latest information.

9 Replies to “Easily track your favorite sports teams”

  1. This it the only missing piece that is preventing me from fully moving to start.me as me home page. Will it ever happen?

  2. I second the lack of update concern. Mine now has a banner saying schedules will no longer be updated. Can you give us more information on this? Will it come back, or should I delete that widget for good?

    1. Hi Melissa,
      Unfortunately the agreement with our sports data provider has come to an end. Therefore the results/fixtures in the sports widget are no longer updating. We advise you to remove this widget from your page.

      We are looking into alternative solutions at the moment. We’ll inform you when an alternative widget is available.

  3. Fail message “Sports data are no longer being updated” This is a major disappointment. a Major reason I switched to this homepage.

  4. The Sport Schedule widget does not update. I just added it yesterday (Jan. 9, 2016) to my start page and it doesn’t have any scores for the NFL for Jan. 3rd’s games and doesn’t display and more game schedules beyond the 3rd.

  5. Great widget, though Dan’s right about the scoreboard placement. Some other basic improvements to consider:

    1) Finding and adding teams is a breeze, but I can’t see any way to delete teams once they’re added.
    2) It would be great to be able to manually re-order (drag/drop) the teams/sports on the menu based on seasonality. For instance, hiding the NBA, NHL and English football (since their seasons just ended recently) while bringing the NFL to the viewable area (instead of in the dropdown).


  6. Thanks for the new widget.

    Unfortunately, the winning team bounces from the left side of the score to the right side of the score – randomly. The scores themselves also jump from low score (72) on the left to high score (75) on the left. You should fix this so that the methodology is always the same, such as low score and loosing team is always on one side or the other (I would prefer winner, high score listed in the left column, but the other way works as well).

    I like that the winner is bolded – keep that.

    Please consider adding next year’s schedule when clicking the “later” arrow.
    Dan Morgan

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