December Updates Report: Marketing pages and more

December Updates Report: Marketing pages and more

Like last month, we’re proud to present our monthly recap, to talk about our most useful product updates. Lately, we’ve been working hard on our Marketing pages. They should be more attractive and informative now, and also more inviting. We’ve also improved our bookmarks’ import and export functionality to include Groups. And there’s more. Want to know all about it? Read on!

When you visit

After updating our Extension last month, we decided to take a hard look at our general Landing Pages: the first pages you see when you visit our website. What we discovered was simple. We needed to simplify it some more. So, we did just that. We added more whitespace and deleted some redundant verbiage. We also updated our screenshots and added a new way to show off our main strengths with a feature gallery.

And finally, we replaced some of our old user recommendations with new ones. Like this one:

“This is always the first thing I set up on any new browser, whether it be work, home, or mobile.  Love having all my bookmarks everywhere. “

Tim Meier, Business Owner

We really hope it’s a bit more appealing to new users, or to our known users, for that matter.

Importing and exporting Bookmark Groups

Import upgrade: select folders to import

It’s always been possible to make a backup of your bookmarks. Whenever you clicked Export bookmarks in your user profile, you’d get an HTML file with every link on your page. We also respected the widget structure on your page, so you’d have a folder for every widget. It was a reliable solution for everyone with a free or PRO account.

This wasn’t a perfect solution for our PRO users, though, since they could add a Bookmark Group to their Bookmark widgets. The import and export tools didn’t respect that subdivision. Until today, that is. Now, whenever you export a page, or import an HTML file with folders, you can select what you want to import, and we reproduce your entire folder structure flawlessly.

For instructions about this feature, please read our support article on Importing bookmarks & RSS feeds or the one on Exporting bookmarks & RSS feeds.

Page Descriptions

Add page descriptions

One of this year’s biggest surprises was the appeal of our Pages Gallery. This is where every user can share their best resources for any given subject. The most popular pages are OSINT related, and some of them can boast over 500 followers!

To help a creator to share their insight with the world, we’ve recently added support for Page descriptions. This description will be displayed on social cards, for example on Twitter or Facebook posts. You can set a description whenever you create a new page. You can also edit the description from your User profile.

For instructions, read our support article on Page descriptions.

One Final Question

Besides these highlights, we’ve solved some minor bugs and answered many support questions. This leaves us with just one question: do you appreciate these changes? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments!

8 Replies to “December Updates Report: Marketing pages and more”

  1. Thank you for allowing to export Bookmark Groups. The absence of this feature was a big deal for me. I am now at peace that I can backup my numerous links in an orderly manner.

  2. I agree. I love the continual upgrading of features and making Start Me even better than it already is. I tell everyone about this great product.

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