Collaborate on pages

Collaborate on pages

Almost a year ago, we launched a beta version of for Organizations. Since its introduction, more than 1,000 organizations have signed up. Generally, we get favorable feedback. But one thing users really missed: to be able to collaborate on pages! Today we introduce a cool new feature that allows team members to work on a page together.

Who can edit this page?

By default, pages can only be edited by the user who created it. In an organization context, this may not always be ideal. To allow team members to edit a page, they can be assigned to it in the Share tab of the page’s settings. Pages that belong to an organization now show an extra option ‘Who can edit this page?

Assigning collaborators to a page is really simple. Just click the button and select the team members you would like to give edit rights to your page.

People you select as editors of your page can do almost the same you can. They can add widgets and bookmarks, rename and reorder stuff. But they cannot remove the page, nor can they change the sharing settings. Those privileges are reserved to a page’s owner.

Working on a page at the same time

To prevent collisions when working on the same page together with somebody else, we added a cool new collaborator indicator to pages. Whenever you are working on the same page as somebody else, you are warned about this by a small icon, indicating the number of collaborators currently working on the page. Hovering over the icon will even show you which team members are currently working on the page.

Sharing pages with only some team members

One good thing to note: whenever you choose to add one or more team members to a page, they will always be able to see your page, even if you set sharing to ‘Only me‘. This is a thing you can use to your advantage. Say you would like only you and one other team member to be able to access an organization page, perhaps because it is not quite ready or it contains sensitive information. As long as you leave the sharing setting on ‘Only me‘, nobody in your organization will be able to access your page, except for those you explicitly appoint as collaborators.

Status Update July 29, 2021

This article is no longer accurate. That’s why we labeled it Old news. Please check the Help Centre for the latest information.

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