We’ve improved icons on start.me

We’ve improved icons on start.me

In the previous weeks we’ve done some work in the background to improve the bookmark icons on start.me. Before this update, your website icons took too long to render. Not that you’ve noticed but it was still there.

Why we care about bookmark icons

At start.me, we believe in fast loading pages. But there’s more. We also believe firmly in visually appealing pages: you should not just be stuck with a lengthy list of bookmarks. That’s why we decided to invest in better bookmark icons.

The main improvements are:

  • Icons are now loaded faster. On average we’ve been able to reduce the loading times for all icons on a page by 185ms. We’re continuing to focus on improving the overall loading speed of start.me and this is another step in the right direction.
  • For thousands of websites we have improved the quality of the icon. Even if you choose the “large” or “extra-large” view, the icons remain sharp.
  • All the custom icons that you’ve uploaded are now available in the “Your icons” tab in the “Select Icon” dialog. This makes it much easier to reuse custom icons for multiple websites.

    Bookmark icons render faster now
    Bookmark icons render faster now

Stay tuned as we continue to work on improving the start.me product.

Status Update July 29, 2021

This article is no longer accurate. That’s why we labeled it Old news. Please check the start.me Help Centre for the latest information.

4 Replies to “We’ve improved icons on start.me”

  1. I noticed my website’s flavicon doesn’t show up automatically when it is booked marked on start.me. It picks a filler Icon that I have to change manually. Is it possible to set up my site to be like bigger companies where the icons renders automatically when first bookmarked?

    1. Hi OK, thanks for reaching out. Yes, we can manually set a default icon for your website, so this will load automatically. Please send detailed information about your website, including the icon-file, to our support team. They will add it to our database. You can reach them by email: support@start.me.

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