Help needed: please vote for the next big feature on

Help needed: please vote for the next big feature on

After launching our popular new Bookmark Groups feature, we’re planning our next big feature. And we could use your help. So, if you’re interested in making your favorite start page better, please read on!

This isn’t the first time we’ve asked for the input of our users. That time, you handsomely responded, and we knew exactly what to work on. We hope you’ve tried the new tab or list option in your bookmark widgets already.

Bookmark groups were a big feature
Bookmark groups were a big feature

After this, we’ve asked you to help us prioritizing the production of new widgets. Several new widgets are in the works, so stay tuned for the next launch. Widget development typically is less demanding and costly, but we can’t say the same for big features.

Big Feature vote

That’s why we’ve decided to ask your feedback once more. This time, we’ve selected several big features that could make a game changer: a reason to upgrade to PRO or to renew your subscription.

Some of these new features have been suggested to us by our users, some of them we’ve envisioned ourselves.

Voting window closed

After over 100 responses, we decided to close the poll. Are you curious to know more about the final results?

Check this article with all the answers about What to develop nextYou will be surprised!

And of course, we thank everyone for their input and opinions. It’s very much appreciated!

7 Replies to “Help needed: please vote for the next big feature on”

  1. It is nice to see that and your bookmark solution is permanently under development and seemingly become an amazing way to manage, store and share bookmarks.. This project also shows, that a slow and constant small-step development from the ground up into something bigger is the only sustainable way…

    I am happy that I made the right decision when I decided to go with I tried a lot of those so called magic tools which either disappeared, spawned privacy concerns or shined brightly and brought disappointment due to sale off or management changes… I moved my stuff too many times around and hope that won’t happen again in this decade (i know, things change too fast in this branch)…. Nevertheless, I wish your brand and your product all the best (from the bottom of my heart). Follow your philosophy – and not the money, pursue your aim . Thanks for this great tool that we have been handed ….. Cheers P🧨

  2. I voted, but i did forget a feature: I would like to have a tag management, that means to categorize one link to several widgets… You can see a tag management here:

    1. Thanks for voting, Dirmel! And thank you for adding the tag management suggestion too. We’ll investigate the solution that ggather uses. Keep up the excellent work!

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