Brand-new feature: add content from your clipboard

Brand-new feature: add content from your clipboard

One of the most versatile features of your computer is your clipboard. With this feature, you can move text, images, or links from one program to another. And now, it also works a treat with Here’s how.

Quick instructions

It’s always been easy to add content to your page. Now, it’s even more practical:

  1. Copy the content to your clipboard (Crtl-c or Command-c).
  2. Open your page.
  3. Press paste (Crtl-v or Command-v).
  4. Now we will analyze your data and suggest a widget to use. For example: the Notes widget for text, a Bookmarks widget for bookmarks, a To Do widget for lists. If there are more options, you can choose one.
  5. Click Add widget to confirm.

For more information about the use of your clipboard, check the support pages for Windows and Apple.

Add content from your Clipboard

What we currently support

We currently recognize the following types of content:

  • A single URL -> Bookmarks widget, Notes widget.
  • A list of multiple URLs -> Bookmarks widget, Notes widget, To Do widget.
  • Image -> Embed widget.
  • Text -> Notes widget.
  • Text with hard returns -> Notes widget, To Do widget.
  • YouTube video -> YouTube widget.
  • Embed code -> Embed widget.

We’re not done adding support for other types of content, and we appreciate the input from all of our users. So, if you have a use case for us, please let us know in the comments.

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    1. We hear you, Jim! I personally use a widget like that on my smartphone, so I think it would be really useful. The idea is still on our backlog, but in the category ‘Not sure yet.’ I hope your request will bump it to: ‘next up’! We’ll keep you posted in our blog.

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