Add descriptions to your bookmarks (and other improvements)

Here at HQ we are working on some really cool things. Those features will still need some love and work. In the mean time, we did some work on the Bookmarks widget and added some really nice features and improvements.

Context menu

A lot of time is spent editing, organizing and deleting bookmarks. To make that as easy as possible, we added a nice context menu to bookmarks. How does it work? Simple: just right click on a bookmark and you will be presented with a menu that allows you to directly edit or delete it. A great productivity hack. In the future, we plan to offer broader context menu support.

Hint: On Android tablets and smartphones, the context menu can be opened by ‘tapping and holding’ a bookmark: put your finger on the bookmark and hold for about 1 second. iPhone and iPad support will follow later.

Adding descriptions

We got a lot of requests of people who wanted to be able to add a description to their bookmarks. Descriptions can both be useful as a reminder of what a site is about, but can also help to explain to visitors of your public page what a specific site is about and why it may be valuable to them.

So we added support for descriptions. When you edit a bookmark, you will now be able to enter a description as well. Our backend system tries to automatically find a fitting description for your links, so you will often find a description already specified.

The description for each bookmark can be seen by hovering over the bookmark. A tooltip will show with the full description of the bookmark. Alterantively, you could use our…

New detailed list view

In addition to the three view modes (list, icons, large icons) already supported by the Bookmark widget we added a fourth one: detailed list. In this mode, every bookmark will show both its title and description. You are able to choose whether you just want the first line of the description or the full text.

3 list modes: regular, detailed and detailed with full description

We are very excited about this new view, as it opens up a lot of new use cases, for example:

  1. Creating a list of interesting books, specifying a short summary as a description to help you quickly find the book you need;
  2. Adding reviews of sites, advising visitors of your public page on sites to visit;
  3. Specifying when you last visited a particular site (perhaps of a competitor), helping you decide what sites you want to visit soon;
  4. Writing tutorials for students, showing them step-by-step how to perform a specific task.

Four cool use cases for the new detailed list view of the Bookmarks widget

You can probably add some more exciting ideas to this list. Please let us know what you came up with!