now supports @Yahoo, @AOL and @3 Others

Do you like to see your latest e-mails on your start page? Good news! As of today, our e-mail widget supports several new e-mail providers:

  • GMail (was already supported)
  • / Hotmail (new)
  • Yahoo (new)
  • AOL (new)
  • Yandex (new)
  • (new)
  • Zoho (new)

Privacy doesn’t store, read or use any of your e-mails. Our e-mail widget fetches your e-mail directly from one of the following two API’s:

1. GMail API

Users of GMAIL can check their privacy policy at

2. API (for all other e-mail providers)

Context.IO anonymizes your e-mail content and uses it commercially to improve spam filters, detect and help stop phishing attacks, and help companies adopt best practices.

All personal information (such as names, email addresses, and postal addresses) is removed. No part of the anonymized data can be traced to a specific email account.

More info here:



In order to add an e-mail widget to your page, follow these instructions:

1. Click the + sign in the grid to add a widget
2. Select “E-mail” from the list of widgets
3. Select your e-mail provider
4. Enter your credentials

That’s it!

Please let us now if you have any questions or suggestions: [email protected] or use the comments section below this blog.