Welcome Product Hunters!

Today start.me is featured on Product Hunt and we welcome all “Product Hunters” who are checking out our awesome personal browser start page.

Do you think this is a cool product? Please help us by sharing start.me on Twitter or by up-voting us on Product Hunt.

Hate us? 🙂 Please tell us what you don’t like. We always listen to our user’s feedback carefully. Just e-mail us or leave a comment in the below section.
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Updated home page design

In preparation of some exciting things soon to happen, we updated the design of start.me’s home page. For most start.me users, this is not really big news: you probably hardly ever see our home page. But if you’re curious, check the new design on start.me/welcome.

The most noticeable change is in the layout of the top part of the page: it now shows a more prominent screenshot on a nice picture of earth’s cloud deck. We received quite some feedback from users who though start.me to be an iPad app, because of the bezel we showed around the screenshot. To make it clear start.me works in any browser, we changed the bezel into browser window chrome.
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More compact header and return of tabs

Daily we receive quite a lot of mails and feedback. We like that and carefully read every single message we get. It’s feedback from start.me users that helps us improve the service. With the last major UI update in April, we received a lot of praise, but some more critical remarks as well. We listened to those remarks and today we launched an update to the start.me user interface. It is not as big as the april-release, but it offers a lot of nice improvements!
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