Integrated RSS reader (beta)

After last weeks introduction of, we continued our work in the news feeds department. This week, we introduce the first beta version of our integrated feed reader! We know a lot of users have been waiting for this new feature, so we chose to share it with you early on in the process of its development. With the integrated RSS feed reader, you can dive a little deeper into the headlines you find in It is not just a thing for channels, however: it works on your personal pages as well!
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Today we launched a brand new service, geared towards news enthusiasts and casual headline scanners: Over the past years, has built a vast library with thousands of high-quality news feeds. These feeds could already be accessed through our widgets. With, our collection of carefully selected and syndicated news sources can be accessed directly, offering you a magazine-like experience to read up on everything important to you.
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Automatic number of columns

When you use both on your laptop and your tablet, you may find it hard to choose the optimal number of columns for your pages: a tablet will only fit 3 columns, whereas your notebook may easily fit 5. To remedy this issue, we introduced the ‘auto’ setting for a page’s number of columns. With this setting enabled, as many columns will be displayed as available, automatically rearranging widgets for best readability.
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Top-10 most popular widgets

A popular feature of is the support of widgets. There are quite a lot of widgets available, but which are most popular? In this blog, we explore the widgets users like best.

The two most popular widgets on – it can be no surprise – are the bookmarks and RSS widgets. Of all widgets created, 72% of them actually are a bookmarks widget. About a quarter of all bookmarks widgets is set to icon mode, either small or large icons. Ever since custom icons were introduced, about 20% of  all bookmark icons have been personalized. RSS widgets make up for another 18% of all widgets created by users.

These are the remaining 8 widgets:

  1. Weather
  2. Notes
  3. GMail
  4. Google Calendar
  5. Embed widget (to embed custom content)
  6. Facebook
  7. World clock
  8. Analog clock