The Results of our User Survey

Earlier this week we invited our users to tell us what they would like to see improved on We received over 1,000+ responses and we want to thank everyone who participated in this survey!

It was very encouraging for us to see that for many people (77% of the respondents) has become an important tool that they use multiple times a day.

We also received a lot of great ideas for new features and improvements. We will use this feedback as we prioritize our development roadmap for the next months.

The most requested features

Speed, speed and speed

Almost 30% of our users say that the loading speed of is average and 12% consider to be slow. We are currently working on various optimizations (including an offline mode) that should speed up the loading time of significantly.

Native apps for Android and iOS

A lot of people would like to see native apps for Android and iOS, in order to have an optimal experience on mobile phones as well. This is something we expect to pick up later this year.


Many people would like to see more accurate and up-to-date weather information for more (local) cities on We expect to roll out a new weather widget in the next 4 weeks that will address these issues.

Support for files / documents

A large amount of people have asked for integrating support for files & documents. We’ll investigate connecting cloud storage services (like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) to and welcome more feedback from our users about how they would like to interact with these services.

Better support for RSS / feeds

We received a lot of requests related to improving the News/RSS functionality. Requests include: faster update times, more (local) news feeds and improved display options. We hope to expand our library of feeds this summer and will also improve our RSS widget.

Many more

Other popular requests that we received: improved e-mail widget (support for Outlook/Hotmail, Yahoo), improved calendar widget (support for multiple calendars), more backgrounds and page themes (dark / light) and better social media widgets (mainly Facebook and Twitter).

We’ll work hard to bring as many of these new features and improvements to in the next few months!


If you have any further feedback or suggestions for new features, please e-mail us at [email protected] or leave a comment below. We love to hear from you!

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Thank you in advance!

Improved performance

Today we deployed the first phase of our performance improvement program. In this first release, we focused on reducing memory consumption and improving the overall load time. Our tests show a general memory footprint reduction of about 15% and a similar speed improvement. Users should generally experience a faster load time. When using memory constrained devices, such as smartphones and tablets, performance improvements should be even more noticeable.

Apart from the general performance improvements, we made a number of improvements to our widgets. The Weather widget should now generally be more responsive and up-to-date, whereas the content detection for the Embed widget has been further enhanced.

In the coming weeks, we will deploy the second phase of the performance improvement program, which will further reduce load times.

If you should, despite our rigorous testing, find does not behave the way you expect it or show error messages, please let us know on [email protected].