Introduction tour

Every day hundreds of new users register for To help them getting started with quicker and more easily, we added a nice introduction tour. This tour will guide new users through the most important features of

We would like to know how you like this introduction. To see it, check the video above or run it directly on by clicking here (make sure you are logged in).

Do you like it? What can we improve? And did you learn anything new? Let us know!

Simplified widget moving

As you may know, widgets can be moved around pages simply by dragging them. Today we launched an update that further simplifies how you can organize your widgets.

From now on, when you start moving a widget, all widgets on the page will be minimized, making it a lot easier to move your widgets around.

Did you know that you can drag widgets to other pages as well? To do that, simply drag a widget to a page in the header bar.

Improved GMail and Google Tasks widgets

Our widgets for GMail and Google Tasks are quite popular. Today we released updates to both widgets, making them a lot faster and more functional. As a result you will have to reselect your Google account. We are sorry for this inconvenience, but there was no other way.

GMail widget improvements

The widget thas has most noticably changed is our GMail widget. We improved the layout and filtering options of the widget. As a result you can now choose to see a list of unread mail, but starred and so called ‘primary’ mail as well. The latter is particularly useful to quickly filter all kinds of notification mails away and only see the most relevant mails.

To give you more control over the information shown per message, we now offer three different display modes:

  • Subject only
  • The subject line and below the author of the email
  • A complete display of subject, author and a snippet of the email body

We made the GMail widget a lot faster, especially when browsing through the pages of emails. To do this, we had to reset all accounts. We are very sorry for the inconvience, but we promise that we won’t have to do this again anytime soon (unless Google changes his minds).

Google Tasks widget

The most important change you will notice in the Google Tasks widget is that it is no longer read-only! You can now actively add, update, check-off and delete items. These features have been on our list for a long time and we are very happy we can now offer them to you!

Some nice new features, if we may say so. As always, your feedback is more then welcome. So if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the GMail and Google Tasks widgets: let us know!