Performance and design improvements; new Notes widget and Chrome Extension

It’s Friday again and we just wanted to let you all know what we’ve done this week:

One of our top priorities is to make load as fast as possible. This week we have made several changes to our software and hardware that will help to speed up Have you noticed the difference already?

We’ve made some subtle changes to the layout of All widgets are now designed as “cards” and some widgets have been made a bit more compact. Also, we’ve changed the way images render in RSS widgets. An example of the new style:

Finally, we’ve replaced the default browser scroll bars with a more stylish ones (only visible to Chrome users at the moment)

We’ve replaced our old Notes widget with a new, easier to use, light-weight widget that uses “Markdown” as formatting language. You’ll find this new Notes widget in the “Browse widget” gallery.

Chrome Extension
The Chrome Extension makes it easier to add bookmarks and RSS feeds to your page. We updated the extension this week. If you do not have the Extension installed yet, we recommend downloading it now.

Besides the above mentioned improvements, we’ve worked on a dozen of other smaller issues and minor bug fixes. Please continue to send your ideas and bugs to [email protected]. We love to hear from you!!