Add comics to your page

Some users asked us how to best add comics to their page. Today we released a minor update that actually makes adding comics (but other image feeds as well) easier and more fun.

The Feed widget’s ‘Show images’ settingĀ has been expanded with a third option that allows a larger display of the primary image for an article. To have a daily comic on your page, all you have to do is find its RSS feed (for instance on ComicsSyndicate), ad it to a Feed widget and choose the following settings:

  • Show summaries for all articles
  • Show large images

Of course, this new setting can be used to include photo blogs, or just get a better view of news photos. Have fun!

Update: by popular request, we added an ‘Extra large images’ option to the ‘Show images’ setting. This option will render images as big as possible. Nice for vertical comics, but for photo collections from Flickr as well!

Improved interface for adding news feeds

Adding news feeds to RSS widgets has always been a bit of a rather technical procedure. You would have to find the RSS URL of the feed and paste that into the feed widget. Today we launched a new feature that greatly simplifies finding and adding interesting news feeds.

Every RSS widget now has a new menu option to directly add a news feed. This option will open a new sidebar panel that still allows entering RSS URLs, but offers a new browser feature as well.

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