Embedding third party widgets

Although we are constantly working to add interesting new widgets to start.me, there will always be widgets we did not think of that people would like to use. That is why we added a new widget that allows you to embed webpages in your start.me page. It is a really simple, yet powerful concept that allows you to have all sorts of nice new widgets on your pages.

The new Embed Webpasge widget

An example: say you would like to have some nice photos from Instagram on your start.me page? There so happens to be an online service that offers you a nice Instagram widget at intagme.com. By just entering your username and configuring the widget, you will end up with a Widget Code that will look something like this:

<!-- www.intagme.com -->
<iframe src="http://www.intagme.com/in/?u=aW5zdGFncmFtfHNsfDM1MHwyfDN8fG5vfDV8dW5kZWZpbmVk" allowTransparency="true" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" style="border:none; overflow:hidden; width:355px; height: 355px" ></iframe>

Hidden in this code fragment is the URL of the actual widget. It follows straight after src=" and continues until the next quotation mark. In this case it is http://www.intagme.com/in/?u=aW5zdGFncmFtfHNsfDM1MHwyfDN8fG5vfDV8dW5kZWZpbmVk/ Copy that URL and paste it into our new Embed Webpage widget, and you have yourself a nice Instagram widget!

A new support center

Everyday we get a lot of feedback from our users. Mostly people that are happy with the service and would like some extra features. But quite often, people have questions about the way start.me functions or may have found a bug. Of course we do have a support staff doesn’t mind answering these kinds of questions, but often it is just better to get an answer straight away.

On our new support center at support.start.me we offer sections with frequently asked questions and how-to’s to get you started on the most common issues. The support center is extended with new articles every day. We hope you like it!

start.me support center